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Aspects That Matter in Restaurant Design

Being in the restaurant business and making a success of your venture, is no mean feat. It takes business acumen, holding power, the right food, the ability to retain skilled staff and of course inspired restaurant design. With reference to the latter, it’s not just about buying fancy tables and chairs and some décor.

There are a number of other aspects that are a very important part of restaurant design- you have to ensure the dining spaces are comfortable and that they have the right movement flow, you need to have a well-organised kitchen and all the fixtures and features have to be in line with fire and building codes; this can make designing a restaurant, quite a complex proposition. The different factors you would have to focus on are:

  • Dining room design- Your entire restaurant is centred on the dining room. This is where your customers sit and it has to exude comfort and have a welcoming look. You will have to check your local fire codes before you decide on how many tables you want to add there. Plan the setting well and ensure that the tables and chairs aren’t too close to each other and there is sufficient space for your customers and staff to move, without bumping into someone.
  • Kitchen area design- While this space is out of the sight of your customers, its layout isn’t something you can’t afford to overlook. The type of commercial equipment you purchase and what the layout of the place will be will be dependent on floor space available and the type of food you will be serving at your restaurant.
  • Restaurant Bar design– If your restaurant is going to have a full-service bar, where customers can dine and have a drink at, you would have to ensure it’s as welcoming as the main dining area. You should make sure there is no compromise on the functionality factor as servers will also be frequenting that area to pick up the drinks for the tables they are attending.
  • Restroom design– This is one area that many restaurant owners tend to overlook when they’re planning the design of their restaurant. This space should never be an afterthought. It’s not difficult to add some character to the restroom- all you need to do is ensure it has a good coat of paint; adding some artwork will make it look more in sync with the rest of the spaces in your restaurant.
  • Designing the outdoor dining space– If your restaurant also has an outdoor dining area like a patio or deck or even an extended seating space on a lawn, you should carry the restaurant theme there as well. It’s important that you invest in durable and strong outdoor tables and chairs. You can add fairy lights and planters; if the view isn’t too great, you can install a privacy screen like latticed divider or a living wall etc. You would of course need to install shade structures like shade sails, umbrellas or awnings.
  • Waiting area design– If your restaurant has a waiting area, ensure there are comfortable chairs/benches for your customers. You can also place a bulletin or display board of events at your restaurants, such as happy hours, weekend specials or wine tastings etc.

Opt for high quality restaurant furniture

Regardless of what the theme of your restaurant is, every space should be well thought-out and well planned. There should be a seamless look that carries through in all these areas; it will help create the kind of ambience that will be welcoming and comfortable all at once.

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