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Whether it’s a family night out, special celebration or an intimate date, nothing enhances the dining experience like restaurant booth seating. Also known as a dining bench or banquette seating, the popular hospitality furniture design has a fascinating history that has led to the intense popularity we see today.

Inspired by the British, who preferred box seating for families and private parties in both churches and opera houses, the classic restaurant booth first made its way to the restaurant scene toward the end of the 18th century.

The use of booth seating in restaurants and diners gave families and groups of friends or business associates privacy from both other diners and the behind-the-scenes workings of the establishment. When they first began to be widely introduced in America in the early 20th century, privacy curtains were also installed causing a major public outcry.

Unsure and afraid of what was going on behind the privacy of the curtains, people called for regulation leading to laws banning their use. Over time, more and more laws were passed in the United States that began dictating the height of booth seating as well as the visibility of patrons using them by other diners.

Thanks to prohibition in the 1920s, booth seating became a roaring success and was a staple in American diners, contributing significantly to the retro styling still popular today. With the public feeling a little more secure about the privacy issues, restaurants heavily advertised booth seating, which created an enduring restaurant experience.

American pop culture has also contributed to booth seating becoming somewhat iconic. Throughout the 50s and 60s, no teen movie was complete without a scene shot in a diner with gangs of youth huddled in a booth. You’ll even see plenty of these kinds of scenes in modern movies and TV shows.

Booth seating remains as one of the top picks by venue owners because of both the value they provide and how well-loved they are by guests. They’re usually the most highly requested and booked tops in restaurants and bistros with patrons eager to secure the intimate dining experience.

Built for wear and tear, there are plenty of reasons to give your guests the option of a booth:

Benefits of booth seating

#1 Comfort

With plush cushion seating and high bench backs, booth seating provides incredible support to restaurant goers and make great choices for elderly or injured patrons. They’re also far sturdier than your average chair and don’t require a lot of strenuous activity moving them in and out.

#2 Privacy

Several factors contribute to the privacy of booths such as high bench backs or being positioned next to a wall. Either way, diners get to experience a far cosier meal with their guests with less prying eyes and background movement or noise.

Parents will also particularly benefit from the added privacy as they can worry less about travelling sound of their little ones escaping from the table.

#3 Space

As one of the most flexible seating options, booth seating allows restaurant goers to both spread out or squeeze their entire party into the one booth. Whether you’re sharing plates of food and need space on the tabletop to fit all of your dishes, working over your lunch break and need a spot for your computer or simply want the option to lay your coat and bag on the seat next to you, booth seating provides all of that and more.

#4 Less traffic

Well-positioned booth seating works to close diners off in a busy restaurant as waitstaff, and other patrons don’t need to squeeze between tables. This creates a greater sense of calm for diners allowing them to enjoy their experience without annoying interruptions.

If we’ve convinced you that booth seating is a must for your venue, be sure to check out our range of high-quality options. With a variety of styles and customisation available, you’ll be able to choose the booth seating that creates the desired vibe that your guests will love.

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