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The modern dining experience has become about so much more than a great meal shared with family and friends. These days, patrons visiting restaurants, cafes and bars expect a new level of service, along with an environment that allows them to fully immerse in the tastes, scents and sights of the venue.


With the increasing popularity of social media and food blogging, the appearance of your space is more important than ever if you want to attract diners from across the city, or even across the globe!


Your hospitality furniture makes up a massive part of the vibe in your venue and has the power to turn any spot from drab to fab.


Unfortunately, we still see too many venues making poor choices when furnishing their space and missing great opportunities to dazzle their diners. There really is an art to picking your restaurant or café furniture and, thanks to more than 20 years of experience, our team have pretty much seen it all.


These are a few things to consider before buying your hospitality furniture:


  1. Space


The physical space you have will play a big part in determining the type of furniture and layout that will work best. But space is about so much more than just your venue’s footprint.


Consider how easily staff and patrons will be able to move around your restaurant, how comfortable the layout is for diners and how you can maximise your space to increase profits. There is also legislation and compliance laws surrounding venue capacities that our team can help you understand and work within.


  1. Environment


More than just showing spatial awareness, furnishing to complement the overall environment of your space is a quick route to success. Think about the lighting (both natural and artificial), the weather if you have outdoor spaces, the colours in your venue and how factors like roof heights or internal walls make the space feel.


  1. Design


The colours, shapes and styles of your chosen restaurant furniture allow you to completely customise your space to emulate your favoured vibe and appeal to your target market. Our team specialises in providing interior design advice that will make your vision come to life.


  1. Functionality


Beyond everything else, your hospitality space needs to be functional. Functionality considerations are about more than just choosing high-quality, durable furniture styles.


A family-friendly venue will have different functionality requirements to a CBD lunch spot that caters to busy workers on their lunch break. Somewhere that caters to seniors may need to make amendments to their design, and cafes with a quick turnover will have different considerations to restaurants where diners are sitting and eating in for extended periods.


Even after taking the time to perfectly design your space, we understand that things may not always go to plan. Maybe you underestimated how many chairs you need or end up with space to create a lounging area. Thanks to our Sydney-based warehouse, which is filled with a vast range of the most popular restaurant and café furniture styles, we’re able to offer quick delivery to fix those last-minute problems.


If you need some help choosing your hospitality furniture, our team will help you decide what works and what doesn’t, so that your venue is not only functional but also fits your vision.


To learn more about the art of selecting hospitality furniture, email our team at or call 1300 715 937.

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