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choosing the best barstools for your restaurant or bar

Perhaps you’re opening up a new eatery or bar and wondering which bar stools to choose. Or you might be a small-biz veteran looking to freshen up the look of your established place. Regardless of your reasons, choosing the right stool for your scene is a bigger deal than most people think. The stool you select can make the difference between patrons sticking around (and spending more) and rushing out the door to find a place with better seating.

Let’s look at 5 things you should consider before buying barstools and a few design styles that can modernise your décor.

Things to Consider Before Buying New Barstools  


It’s important to know the height of your bar so you can ensure you purchase bar stools that will fit. Average bar height runs between 100 – 120cm in height, so the seat height for most bar stools averages between 75 – 85cm.


What do you want your barstools to be made of? While wood is a traditional choice, modern technology allows for striking barstool construction using a variety of materials. Metal barstools are often lightweight and easy to clean and can complement a modern or industrial décor. Barstools with leather or velvet covered seating not only offer customers a more comfortable place to sit, but they also give off a high-end vibe…as if one is dining in a sophisticated club or hanging out in a swanky cigar bar. While leather lends itself to a more traditionally masculine aesthetic, velvet can create a bougie, feminine feel (which tracks alongside the increased number of classy bars and pubs catering specifically to women).


The only limit to the color of barstools available is your own imagination…and possibly your budget. Wood barstools can be stained to compliment most any décor, and metal stools are available in a variety of finishes. If you opt for fabric topped stools, then the sky really is the limit in terms of options.

It is important to have a clear understanding of the current design style and color scheme of your establishment. This will ensure you purchase stools that compliment your current décor or offer a well-placed pop of contrasting color or texture for a bit more visual interest.


Don’t just consider the visuals of the stool you’re buying…try them out. Sit on each stool and determine if it is comfy enough to make you stay for a drink or two. Does the stool offer ergonomic seating? Is there a place to rest your feet or must they dangle unsupported in front of you? Is the stool easy to scoot forward and backward?

No matter how beautiful a stool may be or how low the price, buying uncomfortable seating is a complete waste of your money…and the decision could actually end up costing you money in the long run.

Commercial Rating

It’s important to choose bar stools that were specifically made for the restaurant industry. Commercially rated stools have been tested to withstand the rigorous use bar and pub furniture must endure.

Barstool Styles You’ll Love

There are a million different barstool styles available in today’s commercial seating industry, and it can be overwhelming trying to pick out the right style for your business.

Traditional Barstools

Traditional barstools lend a classic feel to a space and are perfect for a conventional bar or pub looking to play up the down-home aesthetic. Most traditional barstools offer a seat only—no back or armrests.

Traditional stools can be made of wood, like this walnut beauty or, for a more industrial aesthetic, you may prefer a metal tolix-style barstool.

barstool21 barstool22

Barstools with Backs

If you want to up the comfy factor even further and increase the odds that your guests will linger over that extra drink or appetizer, consider investing in barstools with a back. The extra support takes the pressure of the spine and allows customers to sit comfortably for longer periods of time. If you want your guests to stay for more than an hour, a backed stool is a wise purchase.

You can choose between a chair with a low back, like this sleek and streamlined Boston Barstool, or go for full-comfort mode with a luxuriously soft velvet barstool like the Chevron.

barstool23 barstool24

And so…

If you are ready to buy barstools for the very first time or if you’re looking to update the existing look of your place, we hope you’ll consider shopping with Have a Seat. Our showroom has plenty of bar seating for you try out and see what feels like the best fit for your space.

And our friendly staff is ready and waiting to help you find the best barstool for your current design while sticking to your budget.

Make no mistake, comfortable and durable barstools are a must have for any respectable bar or pub. We look forward to helping you find your perfect seat…at Have a Seat.

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