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using armchairs in your Sydney restaurant

If you are a restaurant or pub owner who is considering changing (or expanding) your seating, you are likely overwhelmed with the number of options available to you. Truly, there are no limits to the sizes, styles, and price points you can choose from. But, of all the commercial restaurant chairs available, few consider the benefits of armchairs.

Perhaps it’s the name itself that is problematic. After all, “armchair” brings to mind an image of dad kicking back in a Barcalounger watching sports on the television. Sure, they may be comfortable, but is such seating practical for the restaurant industry?

If we’re talking about Barcaloungers, the answer is no. If, however, we’re talking about modern-day armchairs made specifically for the restaurant industry, the answer is a resounding yes.

We’ve gathered 3 logical reasons that we believe make our case for using armchairs in your restaurant. Let’s take a look!

1. They’re Comfortable

If you’re looking for the comfiest seating option for your guests, you won’t do better than armchairs. This is due, in large part, to the presence of arms on the seat, providing guests with a place to rest their elbows. While you may be able to get by with resting your elbows on the table at a casual dining establishment, there’s still an association with bad manners in doing so. Using armchairs alleviates this stigma, keeping guests’ elbows on their chairs and off the table (which also reduces the chance of accidental spills that happen when elbows fight for room on a crowded dining table).

2. They’re Versatile

The only limit to the type of armchair you can purchase for your eatery is your imagination…and possibly your budget. Armchairs can easily fit into any restaurant décor.

If you have an eatery with outdoor space, you may want to try a Parisian armchair. The eye-catching woven seat and back make this chair look as though it was plucked from the streets of the left bank in Paris, making it the perfect option for a sunny patio.

If yours is a more industrial locale, look for styles that incorporate metal and wood into the design. Both the Newcastle and the Gosford chairs celebrate the strong look of metallic seating while incorporating the comfort of arm rests into their design. The Gosford is a great option for those who love the masculine look of metal but want to temper that with the addition of woven wicker on the seat and back.

For restaurants with a high-end flare, you’ll want seating that feels luxurious to the touch and just a little bit bougie. Opt for an upholstered armchair to bring in plenty of texture. The Cogee looks like it belongs in a classy cigar bar thanks to the use of suede-like vinyl. Another option offering plenty of luxury is the Albury armchair—it may look like it’s wrapped in leather, but the covering is actually made from high-quality, easy-to-clean vinyl.

What about restaurants with more of a farmhouse feel? Seating like the W Chair will give you that modern farmhouse look while still incorporating the comfort of an armchair. If you want to kick the comfort factor up even further, consider the similarly styled Wishbone Chair with a wicker seat that provides plenty of cushioning.

If yours is an avant-garde, modern eatery, you may be surprised at the futuristic options available to you. Some, like the Wind Armchair, offer plenty of visual interest. You’ll also love the durability of this chair, whose legs are reinforced with glass fibre for unparalleled stability. And you can’t get any more modern than the futuristic and streamlined Felix Armchair, whose silhouette is almost sculptural in design. We love that this chair provides support for the arms and shoulders but leaves the back area open to the breeze, eliminating the risk of dreaded back sweat.

3. They Encourage Guests to Linger

Here’s the thing…guests who are comfortable are more likely to linger longer over their meal. As they enjoy the company of their tablemates, you can expect them to order additional appetizers, more drinks, and a dessert or two to enjoy before the experience is eventually over.

Armrests equate to comfier seating, which means your guests will stay longer, spend more, and generate more revenue for your business…and that is never a bad thing.

And so…

We hope our case has convinced you to consider armchairs the next time you change up the seating in your restaurant or pub. And, when that time comes, we hope you’ll contact us at Have a Seat. Our team of industry experts is ready and waiting to show you plenty of armchair options at a variety of price points. Whether you’re looking for something luxe and bougie or streamlined and minimalistic, you’ll find the seating you’ve been looking for at Have a Seat.

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