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If the thought of purchasing a new office chair feels overwhelming, take comfort in the fact you are not alone. Given the fact that there are so many options, finding the best chair for you and your needs can feel as unlikely as stumbling across that proverbial needle in a haystack.

One of the easiest ways to tackle the task is by reducing the number of options…and the simplest way to do that is to select from chairs that meet your specific needs. What will your chair be used for? General office work? Drafting?

Today we’ll be breaking down the best features to look for in an office chair according to your needs with the hopes this will help you narrow the field and find that magical unicorn—the perfect chair for you.

For General Office Work

Unless you shell out big bucks and have a chair molded to fit your exact shape, finding a perfect fit is practically impossible. That’s why many of today’s office chairs come with adjustable features that allow you to create that customised fit. Look for the following features when testing out general office chairs:

  • Adjustable height: Look for chairs with a pneumatic lever that allows you to raise and lower the height of the seat. Ideally, your thighs should be perpendicular to the floor when you sit in an office chair. If your feet are dangling when seated, the chair is too high. If your knees are above your hips, your chair is too short.
  • Adjustable back rest: Find a chair that allows you to move the backrest forward or backward to achieve a firm fit against your spine. If you can find a backrest that can also be angled up or down, even better.
  • Lumbar support: This is the magic ingredient when it comes to a chair that keeps your back comfortable for hours. A quality office chair should not be shaped like a capital “L”. Rather, it should conform to the natural curve of the spine in more of an “S” shape. Good lumbar support will keep you from slouching and causing unnecessary strain on your spine.


For Sitting at a Drafting Table

Drafting chairs are unique in that they must fit under the height of a drafting table. This means they must raise to a height taller than most standard office chairs can achieve.

When looking for a drafting chair, in addition to the ergonomic factors listed above, one should consider the following:

  • Confirm that the height of any drafting chair you are considering will work with the height of your drafting table.
  • Because drafting chairs are usually well above the ground, it is important to buy one with an elevated footrest that keeps your hips parallel to the floor.
  • Drafting chairs are available with and without armrests. While some appreciate the added comfort of having a place to relax their arms, others find the rests too restrictive. Try sitting in both styles to see which feels most comfortable for you.


For Those With a Standing Desk

Standing desks are quite popular these days, but there are times when you may want to take a bit of the pressure off your feet while staying high enough to see your standing workstation. Standing assist stools are the answer, allowing you to stay at the same elevation as standing but offering a padded seat to relieve fatigue.

Once again, adjustability is an important factor here. Look for standing assist stools that:

  • Let you adjust the height of the stool so that you can easily see your standing desk without straining.
  • Have the right base for you. Some stools are stationary while others have lockable casters, allowing you to move your stool around your workplace when necessary and lock the wheels when you want to stay put.
  • Are comfortable. When sitting on a standing assist stool, your hips should be at rest at the proper hip-to-torso angle, somewhere between 130° – 135°.


For Those Looking for Executive Luxury

The executive chair has long been synonymous with success and luxury…and it’s easy to understand why. Larger than standard office chairs, executive chairs are usually covered in leather and come with a heftier price tag.

If you’re in the market for an executive chair, here are some things to consider:

  • Make sure you’re buying a chair that will fit in your space. Executive chairs can get quite large, and you don’t want your seat to be the star of your office.
  • In addition to the standard ergonomic features, look for a chair with a headrest that is comfortable to you. Unlike standard chairs, executive chairs tend to have higher backs. Having an adjustable headrest will keep your neck and spine in proper alignment.

And so…

If you’re in the Sydney area and looking for the perfect office chair, we hope you’ll stop by the Have A Seat showroom. Whether you need a general office chair or one that is task specific, we have a wide variety of high-quality, ergonomic seating that is sure to meet your needs.

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