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Chain Restaurant Hospitality Furniture

Choosing hospitality furniture for franchise restaurants and multi-location venues is no small task as such a fit-out has more considerations than your average venue – and this is where Have A Seat really shines.

We’ve provided furniture to some of the biggest franchises in Australia including KFC, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, TGI Friday’s and Gloria Jean’s Coffee. Our clients trust us as a premium supplier of hospitality furniture because we’re unwavering in our dedication to providing the best seating and tables.

Here are just a few of the reasons we’re Australia’s first choice for chain and franchise restaurant fit-outs…

We deliver durable hospitality furniture

Durability is one of the most important factors when you’re furnishing a high-traffic venue such as fast-food and chain restaurants. Hundreds, if not thousands, of customers will be pulling chairs in and out each day, sitting and leaning on them. There’s also stress put on chairs when they’re getting moved or stacked for cleaning purposes.

Choosing durable hospitality furniture not only improves the longevity and therefore value of your product, it also upholds the design and feel of your venue as the furniture won’t age and damages so quickly. Most importantly, durable furniture keeps customers safer with less risk of broken or unsteady furniture causing injury.

We put all of our hospitality chairs under immense pressure during testing to ensure they’re up to our high standards. Our strict durability and safety measures include testing furniture for general wear and tear amongst extreme drop tests and other harsh conditions. Through our stringent testing process, we’re able to ensure we’re only stocking the most durable, long-lasting and safe furniture for restaurants and hospitality venues.

We can fulfill large-scale orders fast

When you’re under the pump organising the opening of a venue, you need your suppliers to deliver on their promises. Lost time costs money and we work hard to help you avoid that.

Thanks to our Sydney-based warehouse, we have much of our furniture in stock and ready to ship, so can often fulfil orders overnight. We’re able to keep shipping costs down by avoiding multiple hefty international shipping fees and you can be confident that your order will arrive in the best condition because it comes directly from our warehouse.

We can quickly arrange additional stock or replacement pieces

Our team collaborates with you to ensure you’re ordering everything you need when furnishing your hospitality space, although it’s only natural that things get missed. If you find that you need an extra table or some spare chairs before opening, we can quickly get the furniture to you with little stress and zero time wasting.

The same goes for broken chairs. Although we place a lot of focus on providing durable furniture, you will find that with the extensive use that occurs in franchise and fast-food venues, you need to replace a piece of your furniture every once in a while. Because our furniture is in stock in our warehouse, we can often get you a new piece of furniture overnight.

Our huge range of style helps you achieve fit-out perfection

Hospitality furniture goes a long way to set the look and mood of a venue, something that’s particularly important when you’re furnishing multiple venues. It’s important to create consistency across your locations and be able to choose furniture that will suit a lot of different spaces.

We’re here to help you put together designs that bring life to your brand and comfortably fit within your venues. The huge variety of styles that we stock also helps you best combine traditional tables and chairs with booth seating if that’s what works best.

Want to know more? Get in touch with our expert team at or call 1300 715 937 and they will happily answer your questions on hospitality furniture, offer advice and share inspiration.

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