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Bentwood Chair

The Bentwood chair is one of the most classic examples of hospitality furniture design, and its popularity is evident in venues across the globe. Dating back to the 1800’s, the European design has been adapted into several styles, making it a versatile, sturdy and stylish choice for your venue.
Read on for our tips on incorporating Bentwood chairs into your hospitality furniture design…

Dining Room Seating

The seating in your dining room sets the mood for your whole space due to the volume of chairs. While uniformity is not essential, maintaining a level of consistency will help to calm the appearance of your dining space while making it easy to navigate. You also need to think about functionality and comfortably fitting as many seats into your dining area to maximise your turnover.

The No. 18 Bentwood Chair is instantly recognisable as a classic hospitality furniture design having been featured in many famous European paintings over the years. The stackable design is a practical option for high-volume hospitality venues, and its sturdiness means the chairs last a long time.

No. 18 bentwood chair

The Spoke Bentwood Chair takes notes from the design of the original Bentwood chair while bringing a slightly more modern, neutral look to your venue. This popular chair design, available in both black and natural beech wood, is unassuming and allows you to create a unique look and feel in your venue.

spoke bentwood chair

For a relaxed coastal vibe in your restaurant or cafe, the Crossback Bentwood Chair in white with the natural rattan seat is a perfect choice. It’s a sturdy yet comfortable design that goes well in seaside venues or those wanting to bring a touch of the surf to the city.

crossback bentwood chair

If the seaside isn’t your style, but you love the look of this chair, the Crossback Bentwood Chair is also available in black, natural and walnut colourways.

Restaurant Bar Seating

Full-service bar areas are a valuable asset to hospitality venues. Not only can you use the space for customers to have a drink and relax before their reservation is ready, but a well-designed bar area can also be used for overflow when you have walk-in customers wanting to dine.

Bar stools see a lot of action and can often be casualties of constant pulling in and out, getting knocked about and guests leaning back on them putting stress on the legs. For these reasons, the construction and sturdiness of your bar stools are paramount in creating a safe environment.

The Fan Bentwood Bar Stool brings a slightly masculine vibe to your bar. It’s best for areas that have a generous amount of space around the bar due to the ergonomically designed arms on the chair.

fan bentwood chair

Our Spoke Bentwood Bar Stool and Mocha Bentwood Bar Stool are two great options that allow you to maximise your space. These two sleek designs present a modern take on the classic Bentwood Chair without losing the European edge of the style. Plus, the comfortable back on the stool gives guests the support needed to enjoy longer seating’s.

Made from European Beechwood, the Spoke Bentwood Bar Stool is a stylish addition to venues with a coastal theme, whereas the Mocha Bentwood Bar Stools vibrant colour makes it suitable for industrial venues or traditional European styles.

spoke bentwood bar stoolmocha barstool

For a more casual bar setting, the No. 18 Bentwood Bar Stool is an excellent option that is versatile, sturdy and maximises the seating space at your bar. The design of the stool brings a European ambience to your area, and it looks great in cafes, restaurants and even nightclubs.

no. 18 bentwood barstool

Casual Hospitality Seating

Casual hospitality seating is best for areas where you have a bit more space and can afford to prioritise comfort and style. This includes waiting and reception areas, restrooms and casual dining in cafe’s or perhaps as a feature in a window nook of a restaurant.

The Fan Bentwood Armchair is a display of classic European craftsmanship and makes a comfortable choice for waiting patrons. It makes a great accent for hospitality venues that incorporate the Fan Bentwood Bar Stool to distinguish a separate area.

fan bentwood armchair

For a lighter look, the Spoke Bentwood Armchair is a blend of contemporary style and classic European design. Its comfortable cushioned seat allows for longer seating’s in environments such as cafes while still being light and practical to move around for cleaning or storage.

spoke bentwood armchair

For more guidance on choosing the right Bentwood chair for your hospitality space, get in touch with our friendly team via our website.

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