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How To Choose The Right Fluting Style For Your Restaurant

Customisation is key when setting up a banquet style restaurant. Every business is different and will have a unique restaurant-style. So, it’s essential to select furniture that will lend a special touch and flair to the establishment. Fluted seating has a timeless appeal that creates an elegant look in restaurants of varying themes, including stylish high dining spaces and contemporary bars.

You may already know what you are looking for in the fluted furniture selection, you may not. Either way, we are here to help. Below, we have listed different styles to consider when creating your own fluting style dining. We have also included some insights into how you can customise it.

Various Fluting Styles

Different manufacturers may use different terminology for similar fluting styles. However, here we look at four basic ones:

1. Slash Fluted Style

This is one of the most commonly preferred fluting styles by restaurateurs. This upholstery is precise and uniform. The flute has a slight definition and an elegant flute that isn’t too pronounced. It has a timeless, classic appearance which is why so many businesses opt for it. The foam in this type of seating has calculated cuts where the flutes are set in place. The upholstery is stitched to complement the fluting in the foam.

2. Deep Fluted Style

This fluting style is almost like the “slash” fluted with one notable difference – the finishing of the tops. Because the top rail of the seating framework has an additional foam layer, the furniture gets a far more pronounced look giving the piece a scalloped appearance. The overall aesthetic this style creates is perfect for restaurants that need an inviting, extravagant and luxurious theme.

3. Traditional Fluted Style

This one too looks like the fluted slash style. But the traditional variant doesn’t have separate end panels which add continuity to the seating profile and lend a seamless look. The ends of the flutes have softened edges. The upholstery fitting process is a little different in this style. The upholstery cover’s central section is pulled around the side of the structure, across its back and secured into place.

When it comes to traditional, deep and slash fluting, the flutes must be spaced correctly. These styles also work better with taller backs and the flutes will also be significantly longer.

4. Sewn-In Fluted Or Stitch Fluted

These two terms refer to styling that produces far less pronounced flutes, and they lie almost flush in-plane. In this style the thickness of the backing and the fabric dictate the flute depth, which helps to add subtle detailing. If your restaurant has a minimalistic and elegant design theme, this fluted back design is perfect for seating in your restaurant.

To produce sewn-in flutes, the upholstery cover is made and placed on the backing material and then joined to create subtle flutes.

One of the primary benefits to this fluting style is that you can play with the flute width because it doesn’t have to be nested into the foam to maintain its shape. It also means you can opt for narrower flutes if needed. For a design edge, you can include interesting details based on the aesthetic you want to achieve.

Some Recommendations for Fluted Seating

Plain upholstery covers work exceptionally well with furniture that has fluted back designs. It’s because the flutes add character to the fabric through the shadows created by their three-dimensional form. But you can also opt for patterned fabrics backs, with subtle designs that have an elegant design edge. You can create the look you want with different fabrics, textures and colours.

Since there are many technicalities involved in designing fluted seating, it’s best to work with skilled and experienced commercial furniture professionals that have in-depth knowledge about the hospitality industry. They will provide you with all the guidance you need about the fluting styles and how they can be customised to suit your specific needs.

Opt For the Right Restaurant Seating Styles

Choosing the right seating is an important element that cannot be overlooked when designing your restaurant. Choosing the right seats, fabric and style is crucial and can make your space look inviting if done right. Fluting looks great when it comes to certain restaurant styles. It adds elegance to the overall ambiance.

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