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Quality restaurant seating is an investment towards your customers’ comfort. The more your customer enjoys their visit, the higher the chance they will come back.

However, without proper restaurant chair care, the wear and tear of daily use can take its toll on even the best commercial seating.

Designing and planning seating for a restaurant involves time, a good eye and a theme. But once you have your set up, you need to also make sure it’s properly maintained.

High quality seating comes with ease of maintenance. You want your restaurant to succeed and in order to do that, you need to make cleaning and maintaining your restaurant chairs a part of the plan that leads to success.

If you want to operate a successful business, investing in the right restaurant furniture will help ensure its durability. Good quality seating in busy restaurants will need less maintenance and fewer replacements, which can help you save money too. For tips on how to clean and maintain your restaurant chairs, read ahead.

Maintain your Restaurant Chairs

When it comes to seating maintenance, cleanliness should be the first thing on the list. While appearance is only a small part of it, every single style and type of chair comes with its own specific set of cleaning instructions.

The task of maintaining and cleaning is too big a job for a single person, and most of it will have to be carried out by a team of employees. Consider hiring the services of a professional cleaning company. These experts would have the necessary tools, equipment. However, if you have internal staff handling this task, there are certain things you would need to keep in view.

After determining the appropriate cleaners and maintenance process for the chairs, you will not only have to instruct them on the right cleaning procedure but also additional requirements necessary to keep the furniture well-maintained. Here are some tips:

  • Start off by teaching your employees on how to move the chairs correctly. Keep in view that all chairs should be lifted and then moved to another location.
  • Avoid dragging your chairs across the area, as it can result in severe damage to their legs and the flooring as well. It also increases the possibility of scratches on the furniture which is something you don’t want
  • In case you have hard floors, instruct your employees to move the chairs before cleaning the floors. The reason for this is your cleaning products might not always be compatible with the material your chairs are built of. These cleaners can result in clouding, staining, causing severe damage to your furniture. If you’re using harsh cleaners for tiled or stone flooring, you must avoid allowing them to come in contact with your chairs.
  • To prevent dust and dirt from accumulating on the furniture, your employees should vacuum, clean, and wipe down all seating areas at closing. While carrying out this process, they should notify management right away if they notice any damage or instability.


The right time to replace your restaurant furniture

Regardless of how diligent your staff is while maintaining these chairs, you will have to replace these eventually. Chairs don’t last forever, especially if you have a bustling and busy restaurant. To preserve both the safety and comfort of your patrons, you need to decide when it’s time to discard your old seating. Here are some common signs:

1. You’re Using Residential Furniture

If you needed residential furniture to get through your opening, but are now a well-established business, you are putting your customer’s safety at risk by using non-commercial furniture. Keep in mind that residential furniture is not built to sustain wear and tear from excessive everyday use. It will wear out a lot faster, and regardless of how well maintained the pieces are, they might develop flaws, damage or suffer deterioration.

Consider switching to commercial-grade furniture if you’re still using seating specifically designed for residential premises. The safety of your customers depends on it. If you aren’t sure about how to get started, you can get in touch with professionals to determine what kind of seating would suit your business the best.

They will have detailed discussions with you to get a better understanding of your needs, the amount of traffic your restaurant sees and what your maintenance requirements are. The experts will then provide recommendations based on these discussions.

2. Signs of Cracks, Splintering, And Minor Rips

Although minor rips in the furnishing and cracks in the framework might not seem like a big deal, they still pose a risk to the safety of your customers. You wouldn’t want your customers to get cut with the splinters from the wooden frame. While smaller issues can be fixed with repairs, significant signs of wear and tear generally indicate an immediate replacement is needed.

3. Wobbly Chairs

Overuse, frequently moving the furniture around, and neglect causes wobbling in even the sturdiest furniture. If you have wobbly chairs, get the screws and joints tightened to prevent the chairs from wobbling. If these simple fixes don’t solve the problem, the only solution would be a replacement. This is the time to install newer chairs that are safer and much more comfortable. Keep in mind that an accident with broken chairs can affect your credibility and can also open your establishment up to lawsuits.

4. Chairs That Are Dirty and Dingy

Consider replacing your furnishing if your chairs look old and the fabric appears faded regardless of how much it’s cleaned. Opting for something brighter will liven the place up. At the same time, check whether the seat and base material are in good shape and replace them if there is sagging or bunching in it.

Update the Look of Your Restaurant

To remain competitive in the industry, restaurants have to reinvent themselves often or even consider rebranding. In such cases, new seating will always play a significant part in this success. Hire experienced professionals as they would provide you with insights and ideas, ensuring that you get the right kind of furniture for your restaurant.

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