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Choosing the right tables for your restaurant may sound like an easy task that may be towards the bottom of your to-do list. However, this decision can make or break the look of your restaurant and how your guests view your space. So arguably, for a restaurant owner, this is one of the most important decisions there is.

Each restaurant has a different vibe, and each restaurant owner will have a different idea on how they want their space to be set up. Establishments have different requirements and design options. So a table set up design needs proper consideration and the help of a professional.

Here are tips to pick the right tables for your restaurant and some design ideas to choose from:

The Booth

Many restaurant-goers prefer booths to tables, because they offer some comfort and a sense of privacy. Guests feel that there is much more room for them to spread out and sit comfortably. Similarly, since the servers do not have to walk around the four sides of these tables, it creates less traffic. Typically, booths have a higher upfront cost. However, they will end up saving you a significant amount of money over the long-term. Since they have a particular shape, booths, and tables in them cover less floor space than a table with a base and chairs around it. Booth seating gives any hospitality space a boost and remains as the top pick by restaurant owners.

Picnic-Style Table

This style comes with a more casual vibe. There are many restaurant owners who have opted for this style. These are also common in establishments that encourage familiar as well as unfamiliar guests to sit down together.

These are ideal for accommodating larger groups of people as they can determine how much of personal space they require. Banquet-styled tables can be as simple or elaborate as you want them to be, and they offer a good amount of flexibility in terms of seats. For example, if you have 6-seater tables and a larger party walks in, this table would comfortably accommodate more stools or chairs.

While they provide more flexibility from the standpoint of physical accommodation, they are a great option where larger groups of people socialise. If you have an outdoor patio in your restaurant, these are the kind of tables that might work well depending on the theme, ambience, and style of the place.

Sometimes, stools work well around these kinds of tables, however they are not the most comfortable seating arrangement, which is why many restaurants steer clear from this type of table arrangement. It would not work well in a fine dining or full-service restaurant as the diners would sit down to enjoy their meals as this is more common in food court areas. Having small chairs is quite noticeable because the seating is uncomfortable.

Many guests perceive this as a tactic to get them to quicken up and move out of the restaurant faster. Turning tables and space constraints are two of the reasons that some restaurants tend to have intentionally uncomfortable seating arrangements. However, you can always opt for more comfortable seating around a similar kind of table setting, so your guests enjoy their meals in a more cosy space.

Coffee Table-Style Seating

It isn’t uncommon for people to enjoy meals in their home at their coffee table. There is a level of comfort involved in sitting down on a couch and grabbing a drink and meal while watching television. Similarly, some people prefer that level of comfort when they are out in a restaurant is well.

If you have some outdoor space in your restaurant or bar, you can outfit your patio with cosy outdoor couches and coffee table seating. This adds cosiness and warmth to the outdoor patio space. Depending on the styling of your restaurant, you can alternate Adirondack chairs with couches to create welcoming spaces where people can relax and enjoy their meals and drinks in comfort.

However, coffee tables and couches are not just for the outdoors. You can also find fine dining establishments with this kind of seating. If you have this type of a setting, you can place couches near fireplaces and other cosy nooks, but this layout does not lend itself well to full meal experiences as these need dedicated table surfaces.

Bar Seating

There was a time when the primary function of bars was to provide some space for guests to enjoy a drink and wait before a table opened up for them. However, this trend has now shifted, and many restaurants and bars are changing the dining and drinking appearance. They offer the same drink and food options as dining rooms, but in a more interactive and relaxed setting.

Many restaurants are now focusing on having elaborate bar tables that have fixtures just like normal tables in their restaurants. Diners can enjoy sitting at the bar while sipping on their drink, enjoying the space around them. The wait time at bars is shorter, and the service quicker because the Bartender is right there in front of the guests.

Choosing the Right Restaurant Table Design And Layout

When it comes to selecting the right kind of tables for your restaurant, there is no thumb rule. Every restaurant is different, and the type of ambience that you need to create will be different as well. In most establishments, there would be a mix and match of the different types of tables we talked about.

It helps in space optimisation while creating an interior design that suits different types of dining situations. While planning this space and choosing restaurant tables, there are some other things you need to take into account, such as:

  • Make sure that you choose the right sized tables based on the available space in your restaurant.
  • Never compromise on the quality of the materials that you opt for. After all, restaurants are busy spaces, and they see a lot of traffic. This aspect makes it necessary to have sturdy and long-lasting tables and chairs.
  • Always look for furniture that will blend in perfectly with the overall theme of your restaurant. So for example, if you have a more classic or traditional style restaurant, do not opt for some modern-style tables. That will make them stand out like a sore thumb and affect the appeal of your restaurant.
  • Never compromise on the comfort factor whether you are choosing chairs, couches or tables. Make sure that the table surfaces are large enough to accommodate the kind of foods that you serve at your restaurant. For example, tables with smaller surfaces would work in a fast-food restaurant.
  • On the other hand, a fine dining restaurant may need a larger surface to accommodate the elaborate setting.
  • When you are selecting tables for your restaurant, focus on materials that are easy to maintain. The tabletop material needs to be easy to clean, appealing as well as durable. So take the time to determine what would work best for your establishment. For example, marble top tables look amazing; however, they require more maintenance than ones made of Werzalit. Wood has a classic appeal and goes well with various types of styles and themes.
  • Since there are so many different aspects you need to consider while choosing restaurant tables, it is best to consult experts in the field who would be able to provide their inputs and ideas. They will take various factors into account while giving recommendations.

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