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ergonomics in office chairs

Are you someone who spends hours and hours on end sitting at your desk?

Most people, without realising, spend hours sitting on an office chair without getting up, without stretching and without any knowledge of how badly this affects your health.

The wrong seating can have detrimental consequences on the user’s health and productivity. Employees can suffer from backaches, neck aches and arm aches. And all this can result in low efficiency and increased sick days not to mention the increase in medical bills for the employer.

The Part Ergonomics Plays when Choosing Furniture

When choosing a chair, ergonomics plays a big part. It’s not all about what the chair looks like but also the functions it has to make it comfortable, safe and adjustable. Finding a chair that is ergonomically safe is not challenging, but choosing the right one for yourself, your body type and your needs involves research. If you don’t invest in the right chair, you may end up with issues causing pain and discomfort.

It’s where advice from professionals in the field can come in handy. You can get some advice and guidance from them and discuss your requirements. They would be able to provide you with various options based on your needs and budget.

However, it is also a good idea to have some understanding the importance of ergonomics in office chairs and what is involved in the selection. This information will help you discuss your requirements with the supplier in a better way and get the most suitable products.

Characteristics of Ergonomic Chairs

Here we discuss the basics of ergonomics, the types of chairs you need to be looking for, and how to achieve the right balance of comfort style and safety. Ergonomic office chairs:

  • Support your posture
  • Are more comfortable
  • Reduce the risk of back pain
  • Reduce the risk of neck problems
  • Reduce pressure on your hips
  • Make working easier

These chairs should be supportive and fully adjustable, including:

  • Adjustable seat heights
  • Adjustable backrest
  • Appropriate seat width & depth
  • Adjustable seat angle
  • Adjustable armrests


Why is Lumbar Support Crucial in Chairs?

Lower back support or lumbar support is crucial in an ergonomic office chair. The inward curve of the lumbar spine flattens whenever you are in a seated position for extended periods, without proper support, especially when you are slouching. If you do not have the right kind of lumbar support, it will weaken the lower spine structures.

Ergonomic office chairs provide the flexibility to adjust the chair so that you can get the right kind of support and a proper fit for your lower back inward curve. It allows you to keep a healthy and good posture for hours on end. This is crucial in most offices as people tend to sit in their chairs for extended periods.

Chair Material Is a Vital Aspect

The office chairs need to be made of materials that have enough padding so that your employees can sit very comfortably for long hours. A breathable material will work better than a hard surface. Many good quality ergonomic chairs have unique embossed designs which offer superior airflow and are more durable.

More than anything else, the best economic chair prevents injury and strain and is comfortable, which encourages good posture. That way, you will have a productive, healthy and happy workforce.


Many companies claim that they manufacture ergonomic chairs. However, in most cases, cost and quality go hand-in-hand. A chair that costs $100 will probably not offer you the same quality as a chair that costs you $500 for example. If you have a larger office with more employees, you might not be able to spend significant amounts of money on these chairs.

However, you can always find high-quality, ergonomic chairs from a reliable manufacturer/supplier that falls within your budget. Also, check whether the company provides warranties for the products before you purchase anything for your office from them.

Benefits of Choosing an Ergonomic Chair

There are several good reasons to invest in an ergonomic chair. Here are 5 that we can take a consider before purchase:

    • Comfort – As mentioned earlier, most employees spend hours sitting at their desks. So when you are selecting chairs for an office, you need to consider much more than the comfort that you feel during the 2-minute test at the furniture store. The experience would be entirely different when you sit in the same chair for extended periods.Ideally, you must try the chair for an entire day, before determining whether it would be suitable for your whole workforce. When you are purchasing chairs online, testing the chair is not an option, which makes it necessary for you to buy from a company known for providing excellent ergonomic chairs.
    • Customised Seating Fit – If you have had standard office chairs for many years, your employees will find the difference when they use ergonomic ones instead. This is because the chairs have various adjustment options such as seat depth, lumbar support, height backrest and armrests. So each of your employees would be able to adjust their chair to their individual preferences. This can be a great comfort for those who spend many hours at their desks.


    • Less Strain – While comfort is a significant benefit of using ergonomic chairs, it isn’t the only one. There are numerous health benefits, as well. When a person is seated, an ergonomic chair can be adjusted, so their arms rest at a 90° angle. This significantly reduces neck and shoulder pain. It is possible to prevent your employees from developing strain-related injuries in their backs, necks, elbows and wrists.


    • Encouraging the Right Posture – When your employees use poorly designed office chairs, you will find them sitting in awkward positions or slouching all the time trying to make themselves more comfortable. Not only does this impact their health but also your office culture. When you invest in ergonomic chairs, it encourages your team members to maintain better posture while reducing health costs for your organisation.


    • Increased Productivity – When you furnish office spaces with ergonomic office chairs, it encourages teamwork. Your employees can focus on their work more efficiently without being distracted by the discomfort they feel while sitting at their desks.


    • Rewarding Your Staff Members – Studies indicate that 86% of office employees say their chairs make them uncomfortable. More than 50% wish that they had better chairs in their workplace. Every employee wants to feel comfortable and happy at work, and you can reward your team and show them your appreciation by ensuring that they have a more comfortable space to work in. When you invest in comfortable, ergonomic office chairs, it shows that your company and you care about them.


    • Style – While it is essential to focus on comfort and quality, most organic chairs of reputable brands are also very stylish. You will find a wide variety of options to choose from and can pick something that suits the aesthetics of your office.


Whether you want more classic-looking chairs or prefer a sleek, modern look, there are good ergonomic chairs to suit your needs. It means that these products will also uplift the overall ambience of your office, which is necessary not just for your employees but to maintain a professional image.

How Ergonomic Chairs Can Save Your Company Money

When you are investing in ergonomic office furniture, consider it an investment. While you will end up spending a little more for these unique products, the benefits of these chairs greatly outweigh the costs. It isn’t uncommon for business owners to pay thousands of dollars in workers compensation costs annually.

There is another way in which economic furniture decreases costs for your organisation. You will find that your employees are falling sick less often and there are fewer work days off, which saves you even more money. While there are many distinct benefits of investing in ergonomic chairs, you must research what is available on the market. Compare costs of various types of chairs, determine what your specific requirements and budget are before deciding which ones will work best for you.

Invest in Good Quality Ergonomic Chairs For Offices

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