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How to Improve the Profitability of Your Restaurant’s Patio Space

As a restaurant owner, you want to make the best use of the space you have on your property. So if you own a restaurant and have an unused patio, you need to consider redesigning this empty space and optimise your area for profit. Many restaurants in Australia are famous for their beautiful outdoor dining experience. Your patio could be the ideal space to create an amazing setting for outdoor dining.

Outdoor dining spaces range from straightforward sidewalk areas to elaborate poolside bars and lounges. To make the most of the excellent weather, you can improve the profitability of your restaurant by providing guests with a range of outdoor dining options. So many ideas come to mind when thinking about designing your outdoor dining area. However, there are some aspects that you need to consider before transforming this space.

Local Rules and Regulations

Every local council has particular rules and regulations related to outdoor dining spaces. So before you start designing and planning your restaurant’s patio, you must take into consideration all federal, state and local regulations. These can easily be found on our local council sites under food safety or health and safety sections.

Since guidelines and permits can vary for each State, make sure you get in touch with your local health or hospitality representative and learn about permits and regulations before you start service. Some of the regulatory considerations to keep in mind are:

  • Are you able to make your patio pet-friendly?
  • Is smoking permitted?
  • Can you serve alcohol to your guests?
  • What are the permits required for plumbing and electrical additions in the restaurant patio?
  • The noise ordinances that exist in your area.

Restaurant Patio Layout

While the patio is an ideal outdoor dining area, take into account all the things that you need to include before you start purchasing furniture. You can use this area exclusively for seating and dining. Alternatively, you can get creative by adding specific designs to create a very interactive and inviting environment. Decide whether you want a formal or informal atmosphere.

This is the primary theme that you can follow while choosing decor, furniture and lighting for your outdoor area. If you want to create a cosy lounge with fire pits, choose the furniture accordingly. If you decide that you want to offer live entertainment under the open air, you would need some space to host DJ’s, open mic nights or house bands. You also have the option to add smaller seating sections to create exclusivity in the patio.

Incorporate a Patio Bar

Depending on your local council regulations, you might want to add an outdoor bar station with complete bar services to guests dining on your patio. To some degree, this will take away from the seating. However, cocktails become a high-profit item on your menu, which are perfect for summer nights. If you do not have the space or staff for a full bar, you can set up a bar station to serve various wines, ciders, beers on tap.

When you set up a bar on your restaurant patio, your guests don’t have to break away from the setting every time they want to order drinks. Make sure you pick the right bar counters and countertops for your area. Material is key here. You want something that’s durable and that can easily be cleaned. Pick bar stools of the correct heights and decide whether you want them to be fixed into the floor. This would depend on the amount of area you have designated for the bar counter and seating around it.

Outdoor Live Cooking Stations

If you have the space, you may consider using some of the back area outside for kitchen appliances like pizza ovens, BBQ’s or grills. The smell of fresh cooked food can be quite intoxicating, inviting diners to stay back and eat. This can increase profitability for your restaurant.

When you cook in front of guests, it encourages food transparency which bridges the gap between sourcing food, preparing & serving it, and marketing. Since guests can see their dishes being prepared in front of them, it gives them that visual confirmation they need that they are getting wholesome foods with fresh ingredients and produce.

Keep Weather Conditions In Mind

Most areas in Australia are subject to unpredictable weather conditions, some more drastic than others. It means you would have to prepare your restaurant patio for adverse weather conditions that might not be suitable for outdoor dining. It’s a good idea to opt for outdoor grade furniture. This will prevent early deterioration from rain and the UV rays of the sun.

Pick tabletop materials that are easy to maintain, and that are able to withstand climatic changes. It is also necessary to install patio covers and umbrellas for plenty of shade. Place fans at strategic locations to encourage proper airflow, so your guests are comfortable.

The Perfect Restaurant Patio

Creating a welcoming, exciting and inviting patio space in your restaurant involves having the right kind of furniture, lighting and shade. Regardless of the type of furniture you opt for, make sure that it blends with the concept of your main restaurant space. When you plan your patio well, install the right features and outdoor furniture, it can attract more customers and prove an excellent return on investment.

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