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Various factors are involved when designing and planning the layout of your restaurant, and one of the most crucial factors will be the furniture pieces that you select for your dining areas. Many of your design choices will depend on the size of your dining area and the make up of your restaurant. Another factor to consider is your client avatar. What kind of diners visit your restaurant? Is it casual or formal dining? Is it a romantic setting or more for families? These are things to consider when picking furniture for your restaurant.

These are some things to consider when choosing furniture for your restaurant.

1. Booth Style Seating

If your restaurant caters to casual diners, families or students, booth style seating is the way to go. It oozes comfort, family friendly and casual dining. Booth Style seating has it’s benefits. If positioned properly, your restaurant will look spacious and comfortable.

You could place the booths along the periphery of the dining area and the rest of the tables at the centre. You can opt to use booths in the entire restaurant as well as most classic diners have this configuration. Include a counter area that can be used for seating too.

2. Seat Cushion Material

Whether you plan to have chairs or booths, you still want to make sure your diners are comfortable. This is where you need to consider what sort of material you opt for when deciding on cushions. One thing to really think about is efficiency. You want to choose something that is long lasting and can endure the wear and tear of dining traffic and food scraps. Select materials that are quickly and easily cleaned like vinyl. The same applies to the tabletop material. Avoid wood and veer towards Werzalit, granite or even low-cost laminates if you are on a budget. In addition to cushion choices, think about adding some high chairs for the little ones who come to enjoy your food.

3. Table Sizes

Your material choices will be driven by aspects such as the ambience and design theme in your restaurant as well as the clientele you will be catering to. The table size is also a vital factor. Depending on the layout, you may choose 2 or 4 seater tables for your space. But if you also cater to larger groups of guests, the table configurations would need to be chosen accordingly. Consider buying tables that can be placed alongside each other to create larger dining areas for larger groups. This way you don’t have to invest in buying larger, bulky tables. Instead, you have the option of putting tables together when needed.

4. Table Base Size and Shape

Most restaurateurs choose rectangular and square tables, but round ones are a good option as well. These are great if you have compact nooks or corners in your restaurant where regular tables won’t fit. They are ideal for tight spaces as they allow for better seating arrangements. There is also a wide variation in restaurant table bases.

It’s crucial to take the comfort factor into account while selecting these. While you don’t have to pick something fancy, make sure the bases are sized correctly and are proportionate to the tabletops. They should not impinge upon the under-table leg space when guests are seated there. Look for sturdy and stylish table bases to match the tabletops. If your guests are comfortable and find the restaurant inviting, they will convert into loyal customers.

Make the Right Furniture Choice

Selecting restaurant furniture is all about balancing comfort, style, aesthetics and cost. Making the right choice would involve some research, but it’s also essential to keep all the different elements we discussed in mind. Invest in good quality commercial furniture. This is very different from standard furniture made for residential use. Restaurants are busy places, and the furniture you choose needs to be hardworking too.

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