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There’s a reason restaurant owners like to have a bar in their establishment—the profits on liquor and beer are substantially higher than those brought in by food sales. Alcohol sales typically generate a net profit of 10 – 15%, with food sales bringing in 3 – 5% net profit.

All that to say, restaurant owners should make sure every aspect of their bar area is welcoming to customers…right down to the type of barstools provided for seating. While it may seem like a small detail, the tools you choose can make or break the bar area. Who will want to hang out ordering multiple drinks if they are forced to sit in uncomfortable seating or on stools that are so crowded together it makes moving around impossible?

Today, we’ll review industry standards when it comes to barstool height and spacing and discuss various barstool styles to consider when it comes time to give your bar a bit of revamp.

The Right Height and Spacing for Your Barstools

The right height for your stools will depend on the height of your bar. It doesn’t matter how beautiful the stool is or how deep the discount you were able to score—all is for naught if you purchase bar stools that don’t fit your bar. Match your stools according to your bar height:

Dining Table Counter Height Bar Standard Bar
Table Height 750mm 900mm 1050mm
Barstool Height 450mm 650mm 750

It’s equally important to measure the length of your bar and space stools in a way that gives customers plenty of wiggle room. At a bare minimum, plan to leave just over 15cm between barstools. Another measurement to consider—make sure there is 66 – 76cm between stools when measuring from the center of one barstool to the next. This will help you ensure adequate spacing regardless of the style of barstool purchased.

Barstool Specs to Consider


Seats on barstools can be padded or unpadded. As a general rule, padded seating will be more comfortable for most guests and is more likely to encourage them to sit and linger at the bar. And most people don’t like to sit without a beverage in hand, so odds are high that comfortable customers will buy more than a single drink.

Seat Width

Once again, no one is going to hang out at the bar if they are forced to perch on a precariously narrow barstool. Industry standards for barstool widths typically run 38cm, 43cm, and 53cm.

Backless Stools

Backless barstools are often considered more traditional. Available in a variety of styles, backless barstools can be marvelously minimalistic, accented with tufted cushions, or made of metal for a modern industrial aesthetic. You should have no trouble finding a backless stool that compliments your bar décor.

Another perk to purchasing backless stools—they’re often more economical than their high-backed brethren. Backless stools are also easier to get into and out of, as clients can simply spin away from the bar rather than having to scoot back as is the case with backed stools. Finally, backless barstools tend to be smaller in size, allowing you to accommodate more guests in your bar area.

Low Back and High Back Barstools

If you’ve ever decided to sit at the bar for dinner service, you know the value a back on a barstool can bring. Having the added lumbar support that back provides makes dining or drinking infinitely more comfortable. There’s also a sense of greater stability when you have a back to lean against.

Aesthetically, barstools with backs lend a high-end appeal to the space, giving the impression that you know full well yours is a bar where guests are going to linger, so you’ve provided them with the most comfortable seating.

Like backless stools, barstools with backs are available in a variety of styles and materials. Fully upholstered stools create a sense of luxurious opulence, as if you’re sitting in a swanky tobacco lounge, while barstools made of rattan look ideal in a quaint Parisian pub.

It is important to note that barstools with high or low backs take up more real estate at the bar, as you must leave plenty of room for guests to walk around the chairs to get into them.

High Back Barstools with Arms

Lastly, if you’re looking for the La-Z-Boy of barstools, consider a low or high back barstool with armrests. Although they take up the most room of any barstool, they are perfect for sports bars or pubs where you know guests will be hanging out for hours on end to watch sporting events.

When it comes time to give your bar area an overhaul, don’t gloss over the barstool decision. The right barstool for your space will likely help boost your revenue.

And if you’d like to try out various styles for yourself, be sure to stop by our showroom. We can help you find the perfect bar stools that you and your customers will love.

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