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According to the Get Australia Standing campaign, Aussies who work full time spend an average of 33 hours every week at work and a mind boggling 6.3 hours sitting every day they’re in the office.

Given this information, it only makes sense that you should spend your time in a quality office chair that supports your body and promotes good posture. Today, we’ll discuss what you should look for when shopping for office chairs and look at some of the top options we here at Have a Seat have to offer.

Why is a Quality Chair Important?

A good office chair should be comfortable while providing proper support for your pelvis and spine. When looking for an ergonomically designed chair, consider the following points:

  • You should be able to adjust the seat height so your feet sit flat on the floor and your thighs are parallel to the ground.
  • The seat should be wide enough to comfortably support your body and deep enough that, when your back is pressed against the backrest, there is 5 – 10cm between the back of your knees and the edge of the seat.
  • The backrest should have an adjustable lower lumbar support, allowing you to match the back of the chair with the curve of your spine.
  • The backrest itself should adjust forward and backward so you can create the most comfortable angle for your body.
  • The seat material should be breathable and have enough padding that it is comfortable to sit on for long periods of time.


Quality Chair Options

Office Chairs


The DAM Ergonomic Mesh Chair provides plenty of ventilation. Unlike other chairs with solid backs that trap heat and raise your internal temperature, chairs with mesh backrests promote air flow, keeping you cool, dry and comfortable as you work.

This chair has an impressive 150kg weight rating and multiple adjustment points, allowing you to create a custom fit.



Some office workstations require an armless chair, and this beauty is one to consider if you’re in the market for chair sans arms.

The Alpha series armless office chair has a beautifully curved, upholstered backrest that provides plenty of lumbar support, and a plush and ultra-comfortable seat pan. Tilt control and height and back adjustments are easily made while remaining seated.



Our Police Chair stands out from the crowd thanks to its uniquely designed backrest. Comfortably padded and expertly molded, this chair boasts unparalleled comfort for the pelvis and spine (truly, the lumbar support in this chair is second to none).

The extra-tall backrest makes it a great option for taller users and the five-prong roller system makes it extremely stable and perfect for those who must roll from one side of the workstation to another.


Drafting Chairs

Drafting chairs are designed specifically for use with drafting tables or other surfaces that are higher than standard office desks. Drafting chairs can be purchased with or without arms, depending on your needs.


A mesh-backed drafting chair offers the best of both worlds, with the comfort and breathability of the mesh-backed office chair featured earlier combined with the extended height of a drafting chair.

Built in lumbar support lets you sit comfortably for long periods of time, and the fully adjustable armrests ensure your arms and wrists stay in alignment, reducing arm fatigue.




Our January Drafting Chair is arm free, allowing you to move freely. The five-legged base provides increased stability and, since users often cannot reach the floor when sitting at an elevated height, the convenient steel ring provides a much-needed resting place for feet.

The molded foam seat allows for angle adjustment, reducing stress on your lower legs and back. We love the fact that this chair is available in a variety of fabrics and colors, ensuring your new chair will match your work environment.


Executive Chairs

Executive chairs hearken back to a bygone era when the size of one’s chair indicated the level of importance one had in the company. Executive chairs were, essentially, the boss’ chair. Today, executive chairs are often seen around a boardroom table, but many people opt for the plush comfort of an executive chair in lieu of an office chair or when working from home.


The Magnum is available in a standard and high-backed version, but both are equally luxurious and comfortable. The molded seat and back are wrapped in sumptuous Italian leather and invite you to sit back and sink into exceptional comfort.

You’ll love all the adjustment options that are available, from the height of the chair to the seat and back angles and a unique knee-tilt mechanism.

There is no such thing as THE perfect office chair. The right chair for you will depend on your needs and budget.

When you decide it’s time for a new chair, we hope you’ll stop by our showroom or visit the Have a Seat website. We have a wide variety of chairs to suit any taste or budget and can’t wait to show you all we have to offer.

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