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Though many restaurant owners rightly place their food offerings at the top of their priority list, it is important that modern establishments give equal attention to the furniture in their space. After all, the most exquisite meal in the world loses some of its magnificence if guests are forced to enjoy it while sitting in painfully uncomfortable chairs or tightly

At the end of the day, the furniture you choose for your restaurant, bar, or outdoor dining area can make or break the experience for patrons, so it is vitally important that you select the right hospitality furniture for your business. Today, we’ll discuss things to consider when purchasing various pieces of hospitality to ensure you create a look that is cohesive and your guests are sure to love.

Tables, Chairs, and the CoronaVirus

Pre-pandemic, restaurant owners would determine how many tables and chairs to buy according to the size of their space, leaving room for guests and wait staff to comfortably navigate between tables.

Today, however, the government has set rules on how much space should be left between tables in order to maintain safe social distancing—anywhere from 2 to 8 meters—and the distance is dependent on where you live. Check out this article with helpful information from Victoria’s Coronavirus website.

Once you know how many people you can safely seat in your establishment, your attention can then turn to that age-old debate: efficiency vs. aesthetics. Use your budget as a guide and search for tables and chairs that are comfortable while contributing to the overall theme or aesthetic of your restaurant.

A word of advice—don’t settle for bargain-priced furniture that is uncomfortable or goes against your brand style. Yes, that uber-modern furniture may be available for a screaming deal, but it will stick out like a sore thumb in your rustic farmhouse restaurant.

And don’t forget about booth seating! It’s a great way to maximise your space and, contrary to popular opinion, can add a sense of intimacy and privacy to a guest’s experience without looking like an outdated diner.

If you missed our recent post with the ultimate guide for incorporating booth seating into your restaurant, you can read it here.

Table Options

Round Tables

Round tables give off a more high-end feel. They are convenient in that you can accommodate more guests around a single table, and they are easier for staff to navigate around thanks to their lack of corners.

However, round tables are not convenient to combine when seating large parties, which can limit their use.

Square Tables

Square tables may lack some of the intimate feel achieved with round tables, but they comfortably sit 2-4 guests and can easily be pushed together to accommodate larger parties.

Rectangular Tables

Rectangular tables are perfect for larger parties but can sometimes create wasted space when you are forced to seat a smaller party at a rectangular table.

(It should be noted, some restaurants circumvent this issue by embracing communal dining and seating separate small parties at one large, rectangular table.)

Seating Options

Restaurant Chairs

Don’t let this general term fool you…the world of restaurant seating is vast and varied. The only limitations are your budget and your imagination.

Again, keep your brand and design theme in mind. If your restaurant is minimalistic and modern, you may opt for sleek lines with thin cushions in neutral tones. If your style leans more towards luxe and bougie, your chairs might have rich gold frames with sumptuous upholstery in jewel tones.

Patio Furniture

The style and arrangement of your outdoor space will determine the best furniture to meet your needs. If your patio is covered, you may be able to use the same furniture outdoors as you have indoors, provided it is well protected from the elements.

If your space is uncovered, you may want to invest in furniture made specifically for outdoor use. Tables may have designated slots to hold umbrellas and provide shade. If your business resides in an area with extreme climate changes, you’ll want to buy furniture that can withstand high or low temps, excessive rain, and/or high winds.

Apply the same rules to outdoor spaces as you would to your interior—don’t overcrowd tables, keep guests happy with comfortable seating, and choose furniture that compliments the interior and stays on brand.

Other Hospitality Pieces

Don’t forget about your hostess stand. Once again, hostess stands are another piece of furniture that are completely customizable. Depending on the size of your space, you may choose one large enough to accommodate your front-of-house team, or a compact stand on wheels that can be easily moved from one area to another.

Selecting hospitality furniture for your establishment can be exciting, but it can also feel overwhelming. Narrow down your options by determining your budget at the get-go and stick to styles and materials that compliment your brand and design aesthetic.

Here’s to creating a cohesive dining experience for your guests!

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