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maximising space and seating capacity in pubs and clubs

As a proud owner of a bustling pub or a trendy club, one of your main goals is to create a welcoming atmosphere where guests can enjoy themselves comfortably. However, many pub and bar owners often overlook the potential of their existing space, missing out on opportunities to maximise seating capacity in their pubs and clubs and enhance customer experience. At Have a Seat, we believe that every square meter of a space can (and should!) be transformed into a functional, inviting area. So, let’s think outside the box and explore 5 effective strategies to make the most of your venue’s space.

1. Embrace Outdoor Areas

Expand Your Horizons

Don’t limit your seating capacity to indoors. Utilising outdoor spaces can significantly increase the number of patrons you can accommodate. Here’s how:

Patios and Sidewalks: If your location permits, set up tables and chairs on patios or sidewalks. This not only increases seating but also attracts passersby.

Rooftop Spaces: If you have a flat roof, consider transforming it into a stylish rooftop bar. Add some greenery, comfortable seating, and mood lighting to create a unique atmosphere.

Beer Gardens: An outdoor garden area can be a fantastic addition, especially during warmer months. It provides a relaxed, spacious environment for customers to enjoy their drinks.

2. Identify and Utilise Dead Zones

Turn Wasted Space into Profitable Areas

Every pub and club have those awkward corners or underutilised spaces. Here’s how you can turn these dead zones into vibrant parts of your venue:

Corners and Alcoves: Install small tables and chairs in corners and alcoves. These can become cosy, intimate spots for patrons looking for a quieter experience.

Standing Areas: Create high-top tables or ledges where customers can stand and enjoy their drinks, especially in high-traffic areas. This encourages mingling and keeps the flow of the venue open.

Entryways and Hallways: These areas are often overlooked. By placing narrow benches or high-top tables along the walls, you can create additional seating without obstructing walkways.

3. Improve the Floor Plan of Your Existing Space

Reimagine and Optimise

A well-thought-out floor plan is the backbone of an efficient and welcoming pub or club. By reevaluating and redesigning your existing layout, you can enhance both capacity and customer experience. Here’s how:

Assess Current Layout: Watch how patrons and staff move through the space. Identify bottlenecks and areas where people tend to congregate.

Customer Behaviour: Take note of where customers prefer to sit and which areas remain underutilised. Understanding these patterns can guide your redesign efforts.

Define Clear Zones: Create distinct zones within your venue to cater to different activities and customer preferences. Zones may include the entrance area, seating zone, and service section among others.

Find Balance Between Open and Intimate Spaces: A successful floor plan balances open, social areas with more intimate, private, and quieter spaces for patrons.

4. Know Your Average Party Size

The Numbers Matter

Why? Because understanding the average size of parties frequenting your business will help you better serve them. If you typically serve smaller parties of 2-4, you will structure your serving area differently than an establishment catering to larger parties.

5. Consider Selling Tables in Advance

Pay to Reserve

Some pub and club owners will tell you that adopting a reservation system is the key to maximising capacity. But the truth is, on average, a whopping 20% of people with reservations end up as no-shows, often leaving business owners with empty seats and decreased revenue.

As an alternative, consider selling table space in advance. Customers are much more likely to show up if they have paid a deposit in advance for their reservation. This, in turn, means more money in your pocket…which is always a good thing.

Maximising space and seating capacity in pubs and clubs requires a combination of creativity, strategic planning, and smart investments. By embracing outdoor areas, utilising dead zones, installing booth seating, and improving the flow of your existing space, you can transform your venue into a thriving space that comfortably accommodates more guest.

At Have a Seat, we’re dedicated to helping you make the most of your space. Stop by our Smithfield showroom or visit our online store.

There’s no better time to take a closer look at your venue and start reimagining its potential than today!

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