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When you want to maximize the available space in your restaurant café or commercial space, without sacrificing on the comfort aspect, stackable chairs are the ideal solution! Today, you can find a variety of stackable chairs in all different shapes, colours and sizes so you have a multitude of choices for your venue.

Research is key! Whether you are opening a new cafe and looking for options, or you are thinking of replacing your old furniture, you need to look at options and do research before you buy.

Why Opt for Stackable Chairs?

Stackable chairs offer easy storage and much needed flexibility, and you will find ones that are suitable for waiting areas, conference rooms, events poolside bars, pubs, and more. While there is something ideal for every need and setting, it’s crucial to keep some fundamental aspects in view while buying stackable chairs. Here is our stackable chair buying guide to find seating that fits your needs:

1. Type

First things first… where are you going to be placing these stackable chairs. For example, some chairs are designed exclusively for indoor areas and may have padded seats, etc. that makes them unsuitable for outdoor settings. Conference room chairs would need to be more comfortable (with padded seats) than ones needed for large-scale outdoor events.

Catering event chairs can be a little more stylistic, and if that’s the purpose you need them for, you’d have to pay extra attention to the aesthetic. No matter what type of stackable chairs you opt for, you will find that they are a great way to clear floor space and give you the flexibility to use the available area for multiple purposes.

2. Height

It’s crucial to select the right chair heights as it needs to go with the right table height.. If you are buying stackable bar stools, you’d have to keep the counter height in view.

3. Seat Material

When you start to look, you will find there are numerous seat material options to choose from, such as wood, vinyl, resin, fabric, metal, and more. Wooden seats lend a handcrafted and elegant look to the restaurant space, and they complement modern, contemporary, as well as classical design styles. Wood can go with upscale diners as well as casual dining places.

Materials like resin are impact-resistant and durable. Vinyl seats are padded for comfort and are straightforward to clean. In case you need stackable chairs for more extended events such as wedding banquets & receptions, or any other formal applications, opt for stackable banquet chairs with padded seats. These also typically have curved backs that offer greater comfort.

If you want even more flexibility and your setting caters to various types of events, you should consider buying chairs with separate padded cushions. With these, you can use the cushions when you need them or else stack them neatly in one corner, when you don’t.

Adding cushions of different colours and with different fabrics creates a different look every time and has the added benefit of low costs. So if you own or manage a venue that caters to different types of events, these stackable chairs with removable padded seats may be just the right option for you.

Stackable Bar Stools for Restaurants

Stackable bar stools are ideal for poolside bars, high tables at pizzerias and cafes, as well as outdoor patios and decks. You will find that these are available in a range of back styles such as solid-back, slat back, cross back, and even many different backless designs.

Well-known chair manufacturers also offer many colour choices so you can find something that will complement the colour and theme of your establishment. Since these chairs are stackable, it’s easier to set them aside when not required. For example, if you have a special booking or open mic nights, you can quickly rearrange the layout.

Stacking Guidelines

Determining the appropriate stacking heights for the bar stools or chairs is a vital safety issue that impacts your business in many different ways. You need to follow the guidelines mentioned in the handbook that comes with your purchase when you are stacking the chairs.

Sometimes, it may look like you can easily stack more chairs than the recommended count. But don’t forget that someone would also have to get the chairs down. If you stack them too high, that can prove to be a dangerous task and can go against standard OH&S rules.

Make the Right Stackable Chair Selection

This essential guide will help you make the right stackable chair choices for your establishment. Shop around a bit, see what is available, discuss your requirements with the suppliers and get their expert inputs before making your final decision.

Always opt for high-quality products that would be easy to maintain, while being stylish and elegant too. The right stackable chair choices will provide a good return on investment.

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