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Every business owner runs their business differently. Same goes for restauranteurs. Each cafe or restaurant owner will want their space to look different, to feel different and will have different ideas when it comes to the overall ambience of the place.How your restaurant stands out amongst others, and how your clients perceive your restaurant depends on how you plan. A quick question to ask yourself is whether what you are planning for your restaurant is in line with brand, image and theme.

Why Does Design and Concept Matter?

The hospitality industry is extremely competitive, and there are a large number of restaurants of various types – casual dining, fine dining, cafe style, bistro etc. Your concept plan will go hand in hand with what category you want your restaurant to fall under.

The concept is the overall theme or idea which defines your restaurant. It isn’t just about the design or choosing the right fabric and decor, though all of these are absolutely essential. It is also about the service style, the menu design and what you serve at your restaurant. Many restaurants are conceived based on a chef’s personal experiences or interests.

Local ingredients, traditions, heritage etc. are all popular sources when it comes to inspiration for a restaurant concept. However, sometimes a chef’s training, interest in specific science, culture, art or even their travel experience can be the defining factors when it comes to a restaurant’s concept. After all, food is a mix of all of these things.

Hire Design Professionals

Many people that are planning on launching a restaurant, hire architects or designers to help them with the plan, design and the theme. The person that helps you with planning the concept should have some understanding of your preferences as well as a kind of food that you will be serving. All of these are crucial aspects and need to be part and parcel of your restaurant planning and conceptualisation stage.

Jot down some of your specific ideas and make sure they are conveyed to the designers. After all, this is your restaurant and your ideas need to be displayed. If you have the skills and an understanding of how to plan and design a restaurant, keep the factors mentioned above in view while planning your restaurant concept.

Aspects to Keep In View While Planning Your Restaurant Concept

Every good restaurant concept covers a variety of elements with a cohesive tone or mood that ties them together. Right from the name of your restaurant to the paint colour and textures you opt for, every little detail is a contributing factor to the overall concept. Some of the things covered in this include:

1. Restaurant Name

The restaurant name cannot be something you decide on a whim. While you can get creative with the name, it also needs to give your guests a good idea about the food that you would be serving there. It’s best to keep it simple, authentic and memorable. While there are many different factors that people keep in view while choosing a restaurant name, many owners take inspiration from their signature dish, a family member who has inspired them or even their location.

2. Menu

Writing a menu is one of the most important things for a restauranteur and there are many different ways and many categories to consider before you put one together. Once you have categorised the foods and have the main sections ready, you would also need to describe what you are serving to the reader. This description can be quite literal, which means that you can list off the ingredients used in a dish, how they were cooked etc.

Some people prefer to be more creative, and they give a brief description of the dish as an experience, and abstract theory or even a visual image. Regardless of the foods that you choose, it should make sense with reference to the theme and the food that you are serving at your restaurant.

3. Service Styles

While it may seem that service styles are not related to concept or restaurant theme, the type of service that you offer would relate directly to the concept as it affects the overall experience of your guests. As mentioned earlier, most prospective restaurant owners have some idea about the service style they would like to follow in their restaurant, such as:

  • Fine Dining
  • Mid-Scale Dining
  • Bistro
  • Pop-Up
  • Family Style
  • Coffee Shop
  • Bar
  • Fast Casual
  • Ghost Restaurant
  • Fast Food
  • Other


4. Restaurant Ambience and Décor

The wall paint colour you choose, the furniture, lighting, table setting decor and music all have a significant role to play in the overall impact that your restaurant has. While food needs to be the main focus, you need to include this in the planning process.

Determine whether you want to create a casual and fun vibe in your restaurant or more elegant and sophisticated dining experience. Is it a romantic spot suitable for those who want to spend a date night, or is it a family restaurant where you will also need to make the restaurant child-friendly. Considering the needs of your target audience is another way to create a reference point while planning the decor and theme.

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