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What’s trending in restaurant design, you ask? Be on the lookout for three things: Function, comfort and fun! Color is coming back in a big way, as are vintage elements—and we are HERE for it!

Let’s take a look at some of the hottest trends in restaurant design that’ll have you wanting to remodel and refresh your space.

Mix and Match Furniture

Matchy-matchy is out and eclectic mixing is in!

When mixing things up in the restaurant, pick an era first. Love mid-century modern? Go with that but vary your table and chair styles—50’s pedestals mixed with wood-veneer tables. Seating could range from molded plastic chairs to upholstered seats.

If that’s a little too drastic for you, you can achieve the same whimsical effect by using chairs in different shapes that are painted the same color. It’s a more subdued option, but still gives you that mismatched look.

Multi-Colored Maximalism

Tired of austere, minimalistic design with whitewashed walls? If you’re OVER the “less-is-more” trend that has been popular for the last decade, you’re going to love the multicolored and multi-textured opulence that is maximalism.

Deep, rich colors are back in a big way, with many restaurants opting for jewel-toned walls and warm, brass accents. Patterns are also back in vogue and are being mixed in unexpected ways. Chintz and herringbone make surprising dance partners … who knew?

Maximalism definitely gives off a sense of high-end luxury. Whether that happens through marble table tops, bold-patterned wallpaper, or lush chair fabric is up to you. Just remember—this doesn’t mean that we’ve entered a “more-is-more” era. You’ll still want to keep balance in mind when embracing this eye catching trend.

Tonal Design

Perhaps you’re looking for a change but aren’t ready to jump on the maximalism bandwagon just yet. If that is the case, consider shifting to a monochromatic color scheme in which you play with varying tones amid the same general shade.

When working with a limited palette, you’ll need to create interest through textures, accent colors and accessories. Copper-colored utensils and accessories will pop against soft, pistachio greens. Moody neutrals will modernize the aforementioned whitewashed walls and can be layered from the floor, to the furniture, to the walls.

If you’re a lover of color, you can absolutely create a fresh, and stunning look by layering varying shades of the same bold hue. A lovely example of such layering can be found within the walls of Madre, a pizza restaurant in Adelaide. Jewel-toned blue is layered throughout the eatery—from the tables and chairs to the walls and the pizza oven. Warm wood accents and golden light fixtures offer just enough relief and provide balance.

Communal Eating Spaces

Communal eating is no longer reserved for beer gardens and cafeterias. The restaurant industry is seeing a rise in high-end eateries offering communal eating experiences, allowing guests to eat in close proximity to one another.

This can be particularly beneficial if you’re looking for a way to increase revenue without raising prices. By using long tables, restaurant owners can maximise their space, fitting more people in the same dining area.

All Things 80’s

The era of sky-high bangs and pop art is back in a big way when it comes to restaurant design. Seating with sleek silhouettes, wall sconces, even pedestals holding pastel vases and greenery all lend themselves to the 80’s vibe.

If you have the option, consider creating a statement wall in the dining room by painting one wall a bold, contrasting color. Geometric shapes are equally en trend, and can be accomplished with wallpaper or paint. Again, discretion is your friend here—a few carefully selected 80’s elements creates the vibe without being overly obvious.

Handmade Tableware

Tableware can make or break a dining experience, so don’t overlook it when considering design trends. Many restaurants are carrying the “locally sourced” mission beyond the kitchen and into the dining area through the support of local tableware artisans. Vases, tableware, and even saltshakers can be purchased from local artists.

Serving guests on handmade plates and bowls provides an organic element and makes the experience feel high end, but in a natural way. Not only are you supporting your local community, you’re providing your guests with a dining experience they won’t find at other restaurants, making yours feel special and unique.

Spa Themed Eating

Wellness is SO 2020 and many restaurateurs are opting to bring that feeling into the dining experience.

The goal here is to create a space that feels like an oasis—a retreat where guests can leave their busy lives behind for a moment. Comfortable seating is a must … and the lighter and brighter the space, the better.

Bringing the outdoors in creates a wonderfully relaxing atmosphere. Consider adding a living wall in which plants are potted in a honeycomb system, creating an expanse of greenery and a striking focal point.

Regardless of which trend you choose to embrace, keep your eye on the prize—the goal of any change should be to improve the dining experience for guests, creating something that is unique and will have them coming back over and over again.

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