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why low barstools are high on everyoene's wishlist

There’s something about kicking off a new year that is wonderfully appealing.

Last year is D-O-N-E. Closed out. End scene.

And even if your 2022 was outstanding, there’s a thrill in looking forward to the new year, all fresh and new, and wondering what’s going to become of it.

A new year often feels like a refresh of sorts. Perhaps that’s why so many of us spend the first few weeks cleaning out closets at home and, for those in the hospitality industry, looking for ways to bring our workspaces into the modern design style of the new year.

As one of Sydney’s most trusted dealers of wholesale hospitality furniture, we’re going out on a limb and predicting the humble low barstool is going to have a big year in 2023. We’ve certainly seen their popularity grow over the last decade, with unique styles cropping up in bars, cafes, and hotel lobbies. And so, today we’re sharing 4 reasons why low barstools will be high on everyone’s wish list in the coming year.

1. Easy to Incorporate

One of the biggest perks of adding barstools to your current seating options is the fact that they can be incorporated with little effort. If you have tables along the walls that have bench seating on one side, try swapping the chairs you’re using on the other with low stools. You’ll be amazed at the difference—by removing the chair backs from the line of sight, your space will immediately appear larger and more open.

If you offer communal seating, substituting low stools for picnic-style benches can be a game changer. Patrons love having their own seats…and any guests wearing skirts or dresses will have a much easier time navigating stools instead of trying to get into the middle of a bench without having a wardrobe malfunction.

2. Wonderfully Versatile

No matter what your current style may be, rest assured there is a low stool available that will complement your current aesthetic. And modern barstools can be as extravagant or minimalistic as you’d like (and your budget will allow).

Parisian Stool Blue & WhiteLow stools are available in simple styles that are perfect for cafes or quick-bite eateries. For restaurants and pubs where patrons may choose to linger, or for hotel lobbies where guests may use the stool while conducting business, a padded option provides additional comfortAnd design styles can run the gamut. From sleek and minimalistic to charming and traditional, stools are available in a variety of eye-catching designs. We love the European flair of the Parisian stool. It would look perfect cozied up to a table at a bakery or breakfast spot.

For more modern establishments, a Tolix stool offers a minimalistic appearance and cool vibe thanks to its metal construction. For those looking to compliment an industrial aesthetic, adding a timber seat to the Tolix stool offsets the cool look of metal with the warmth and approachability of wood, providing perfect balance.


3. Supremely Space Saving

If you are short on space—or if you want to maximise the number of guests you can accommodate in whatever space you do have—low stools are the answer to your seating woes.

Dealing with traditional chairs in limited space can be a pain for your patrons and your staff who are trying to navigate around them. By replacing standard chairs with low stools, you can easily fit more seats around your tables.

And guests love the intimate atmosphere that is created when everyone is cozied up next to one another. There’s nothing like sharing good food and good drinks with the people you love, and low stools allow patrons to gather closely, creating the sense of a private nook even when your establishment is packed.

The same goes for guests using low stools in a hospitality setting. Their diminutive stature allows the stools to be moved as needed to seat a group for a quick business meeting in a hotel lobby. But they’ll work just as well for those looking for a comfy place to sit after a long day in the office.

4. Surprisingly Economical

One of the things business owners love most is the price point for low barstools. You’ll find they are often available at a lower price point when compared to traditional chairs with backs. And, while this next statement is something we tout regularly, we believe it bears repeating—be sure to procure your low stools from a reputable dealer of commercial furniture. Residential stools will not hold up against the tremendous wear and tear commercial stools must endure, and you’ll find that any good commercial furniture dealer will have stools available at a variety of price points.

And so…

If you’ve decided your business would benefit from the addition of low barstools, we hope you’ll stop by our Smithfield showroom. We have a wide variety of low stools available in an array of styles. Whether your establishment is modern and minimalistic, trendy, or traditional, you’ll find a stool style that will blend seamlessly with your current décor.

And if you can’t get to Smithfield, you can always check out our stool selection online.

At Have a Seat, you’ll find the high-quality hospitality furniture you’ve been searching for.

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