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There’s just something about the bar space in a restaurant or pub that has a completely different vibe from the rest of the establishment. The atmosphere feels a bit more laid back and less restrictive, and, when trying to access a high-end restaurant, you can often grab a delicious meal at the bar without needing a reservation.

Smaller bar tables are great for restaurants, too, as they allow the establishment to seat a small party of one or two at a two-top table, leaving traditional in-restaurant seating for larger parties.

And businesses are taking the aesthetics of their bar area seriously—there’s no need to have a dive-bar feel…unless that’s the look you’re going for, which can absolutely work with the right branding. Wholesale furniture companies offer tables and chairs that look every bit as lovely as traditional seating, and sets come in a variety of styles and designs to compliment any décor style.

Let’s take a look at 4 of the coolest high-top table and chair sets for 2021.

1. Gal Bar & Table Set

The effortless blending of cool, galvanized metal and rich hardwood timber slats give this set a hip, industrial feel that will modernize any bar area.

The fact that this set is weather resistant makes it the perfect choice for an outdoor patio area, and the traditional square design with a slatted top allows comfortable seating for up to four guests.

2. Round Dry Bar Table & Wind Barstools


Restaurateurs everywhere continue to sing the praises of dry bar tables, namely for their versatility. You can comfortably seat two guests at the table or remove the chairs and allow a group of 3-4 guests to socialise while having a place to set drinks or tapas plates.

Line three tables up along a wall to create a buffet of sorts, or use a single table to display sculpture or add greenery in the form of a plant or floral arrangement.

And the cool, clean look of our Wind barstools make the perfect compliment to the dry bar table. We love the fact that these stools have a back, providing extra comfort for guests and enticing them to linger over one more drink.

While the Wind barstool is technically plastic in composition, rest assured this is no ordinary plastic chair. The entire stool is made from a single piece of injection-molded plastic that is infused with UV stabilisers, ensuring it will not fade or become brittle, even with repeated sun exposure. It’s also available in a variety of colors, ensuring a perfect match for your current décor.

3. Black Galvanised Bar Table Set


What do you do if you have a large party who prefers the laid-back vibe of the bar to the restaurant? You give them exactly what they want and seat them at this expansive table, provided you have the space for it.

The table can easily accommodate up to six guests. Once again, galvanized metal blends with rich wood, but here the dark cast of the metal creates a look that is slightly less industrial and one that will look right at home in a trendy bar or pub.

4. European Beechwood Table & Santorini Bar Chair



This table and chair combination gives us all the Grace Kelly, high-fashion vibes!

Well-made and dependable, this beechwood-topped bar table adds a natural element to your establishment. This table gives off a vibe that is light, bright, and airy and exudes café styling.

And, speaking of cafés, our Santorini bar chairs take this look to the next level, adding plenty of visual interest to balance out the clean lines and minimalistic look of the table. These bar chairs are crafted from rugged and durable bamboo and are sure to last for years to come.

And there you have it—four high-end looks for your bar area that are sure to draw attention. When it comes time for you to give your bar seating a makeover, be sure to purchase from a reputable furniture company who specialises in commercial furniture. Although you may be able to find residential pieces for a lower price, they simply are not constructed to withstand the everyday wear and tear that commercial furniture must endure.

And so, when you’re ready to invest in quality furniture that will be enjoyed by your patrons for years to come, stop by the Have a Seat showroom or drop us an email with questions. We’d love to help you come up with the perfect look for your venue.

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