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Is there anything better than a classic, comfortable booth seat? Booth seating allows you to carve out a bit of privacy, even in a crowded bar or restaurant, providing you a spot that feels perfectly intimate. They’re also great for ladies with purses as you don’t have to hang your bag on the back of a chair where it may serve as a potential point of interest to those with sticky fingers. Booths also save precious floor space, allowing you to seat more customers than if you used tables alone.

But creating beautiful booth seating requires some forethought and planning, both in booth arrangement and design. Luckily, we’ve gathered some helpful tips and tricks to ensure your booth installation goes off without a hitch.

Types of Booth Seating

When shopping for booth seating you’ll hear terms like deuce, single, double, and split. A deuce is a small booth that provides seating for two people. A single booth has seating on one side only and a flat back on the other (usually used at the end of a row of booths). Doubles are essentially two singles placed back-to-back, though they are built as one unit. A split is a combo unit with a booth on one side and regular chairs on the other.

Booth Sizing Rules of Thumb

  1. Your total booth width should be between 1.6 – 1.9 meters.
  2. Leave room for the seat back depth (approximately 7 – 15cm).
  3. Leave plenty of room between the back of the booth and the edge of the table. Most people are comfortable with 40 – 46cm.
  4. Plan for the top of your table height to be 76cm. If you’re planning table height for a split booth, allow an extra 3cm to accommodate guests in wheelchairs.
  5. Table width can vary but should fall somewhere between 61 – 107cm.
  6. As a general rule, your seat height should be 40 – 46cm.
  7. Tables should align with the outer edge of the booth and stick out no further than the booth itself.


Booth Table Options

Single and double booths allow you the option of installing a cantilever base for your table which attaches directly into the wall. Such bases are nice because they free up space for additional leg room, are easy to clean under, and are easier to maintain long term. Be sure to check these bases regularly to make sure they are secure, given guests will likely lean on them frequently.

For booths that can’t accommodate a cantilever base, a standard single column, disc or x-prong table base may be used. There are endless options in terms of finishes and materials, from heavy iron to lightweight resin table bases.

Booth Styles

Once the planning is behind you, it’s time to have fun selecting the perfect booth style to compliment your restaurant and bar. Let’s look at a few options:

Booth Seating1_052621
A button-tufted booth with wood legs offers an elegant option that is both classic and well recognized. Often seen in high-end restaurants and cool speakeasy-style bars, this style is sure to up the aesthetic of your business.

Booth Seating2_052621
A simple booth with a built-in head roll provides comfort for guests while creating a classic style that is understated. This beauty won’t distract patrons from the overall design of your establishment.

Booth Seating3_052621
There is nothing wrong with the clean lines of a plain-back booth. They are a classic, traditional booth and are often the most economical option for establishment owners. Streamlined and minimalistic, this classic seating option will look good in almost any environment.

Booth Seating4_052621
A timeless channel-back design is just that—effortlessly classy. The long lines of the channeling on the back of this booth look wonderfully retro but, when combined with a modern color palette, can create quite the bold look. We once saw a retro 50’s diner produce this bench with a white seat and channels alternating in red and white vinyl. This style offers you plenty of opportunity to let your creative juices flow.

Booth Seating5_052621
A few minor changes can take the channel back design from diner to club. Take this wide-channel option—the reduction in the number of channels creates a look that is sleek and cool, and the polished metal legs lend a contemporary and open feel. Kick this design up a notch by pairing a dark seat color against eye-catching upholstery for a look your guests won’t soon forget.

Don’t let anyone tell you that booth seating is a relic from days gone by. With modern versions of classic designs available at most commercial seating businesses, booths are a great way to add visual interest to your establishment while adding comfortable, private seating your customers will love.

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