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Outdoor seating allows guests to enjoy time outdoors, eating great food with a group of friends while, hopefully, seated in optimal comfort. After all, comfortable seating usually leads to a longer stay…which usually results in increased revenue for the restaurant or hotel.

Alternatively, establishments with uncomfortable seating or crowded table arrangements can expect guests to spend little time in their space.

When it comes to outdoor furniture, comfort and practicality are key.

If you missed our previous post about creating your perfect outdoor space, you can find it here. Now that you know how to build a beautiful outdoor experience, it’s time to choose the right furniture pieces. Ideally, you want to choose pieces that create a cohesive design, complimenting the interior of your business, while adding functionality and staying on brand. A quality commercial furniture supply company can offer a wide variety of options, depending on your needs.

Today, we’ll look at some of the best outdoor furniture options for your space.

Material Matters

Outdoor furniture must endure extreme weather conditions, so it is important to choose material that can hold up to the elements.

Outdoor seating and tables can be made of wood and treated to withstand the weather. Wood furniture offers durability, comfortable seating, and is easy to clean…but it can also be heavy. Keep the weight in mind if you like to continually change the layout of your lounging/dining area.

Aluminum furniture, on the other hand, is incredibly lightweight and can easily be moved. Unfortunately, it can become screaming hot if left in direct sun…something to consider if your seating area is uncovered.

Traditional rattan is another lightweight and visually appealing option, but outdoor weather can cause the natural fibers to break down.

Thankfully, the industry provides other options. Many commercial furniture companies offer chairs and tables made from recycled plastic. Design styles vary from contemporary to traditional Adirondack-style pieces that mimic the appearance of wood but are much lighter in weight. New synthetic versions of rattan provide the same lightweight feel and lounge-y vibe while being able to hold up to the elements.

Don’t Forget About Functionality

When choosing the type of furniture you’ll use, consider opting for pieces that can perform double duty.

image1I’ll use a hotel pool/lounging area as an example. Some establishments opt for full-sized loungers and sumptuous couches for seating, both great options if you have the space for them. But loungers and couches take up a significant amount of space, limit the number of guests who can use them, and aren’t convenient for eating. By keeping functionality at the forefront of your mind, you might opt for alternative furniture. Reduce the number of loungers and forgo the couches (they’re fine for large groups, but it’s rare to see multiple strangers seated side-by-side) and instead opt for comfortable armchairs. They’re great to pull up poolside and easily transition into comfortable dining chairs.

Let’s Talk Tables

Again, functionality should be paramount when choosing the right table. While square tables provide a classic look, round tables are more functional. The lack of corners allows you to pull up extra chairs and seat more guests, and they can be arranged in a limitless number of configurations.

In terms of material, the right choice for you will depend on your preference, style, and the space you’re working with.

Are you a traditionalist who isn’t interested in changing your table arrangement up regularly? Go for outdoor-treated wood. The appeal is timeless, and it is incredibly easy to clean.

Want a more lightweight option? If you have plenty of shade or your outdoor area is under a canopy, consider aluminum tables. If your furniture will be in direct sunlight, opt for resin tables—you’ll still enjoy the lightweight feel and modern design, but without the skin sizzling risk that comes with sun exposed aluminum.

Choose a Quality Hospitality Furniture Supplier

Where you buy your furniture matters. A professional commercial furniture supplier has their hand on the pulse of the industry and can provide quality furniture that is on trend and will last for years to come.

Whether you are looking to make a small change to your space or want a complete overhaul, our team at Have A Seat offers the furniture you need. We pride ourselves in providing a wide range of hospitality furniture and love a good challenge—if you have a space that needs a custom piece of furniture, we’ll work with you to make your vision a reality.

Stop by our showroom or contact us to chat with an expert team member. We look forward to making your outdoor furniture dreams come true.

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