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top table options for your commercial space

If you’re considering new tables for your outdoor restaurant or hotel space, there are multiple factors to consider. Your favorite hospitality furniture wholesale provider will likely offer a variety of tables that can work for your space made from a variety of materials, but the best choice for you will depend largely on your budget and environment.

Let’s take a look at some of the environmental factors that can determine the type of tables you should choose and the different options available.

Environmental Factors to Consider

  • Rain – If you live in an area that receives frequent rain or maintains high humidity, you will want to purchase furniture that is resistant to moisture-related issues like mold and mildew, rust, or warping.
  • Sun & High Heat – Are you in a desert environment? If so, you will want to purchase furniture that can withstand high heat and prolonged sun exposure. Furniture in such climates is prone to fading, heat retention, and cracking.
  • Wind – If you live in an area where the wind is perpetually sweeping across the plains…or around the mountains…you get the idea…you will want to take that into account when purchasing your tables and look for furniture heavy enough to stay put in high winds.


Non Environmental Factors to Consider

  • Your Budget – At the end of the day, what you purchase for your patio will depend largely on your budget. The good news is most commercial furniture wholesale companies offer a variety of options for every budget.
  • How Often You Rearrange Your Space – Consider how often you will be moving your outdoor tables. If you love changing the look of your outdoor area regularly, you may want to avoid concrete, granite, or other heavy materials and opt for lightweight aluminum or resin.


Top Table Options


There’s a reason wood has been used in furniture making for centuries—it’s durable and lends a natural, organic beauty to your outdoor space.

While soft woods like pine can be used for indoor furniture, most outdoor furniture is crafted from hardwoods.

Teak is one of the most popular woods for outdoor furniture, and it’s easy to understand why. An incredibly hard wood, teak resists warping and easily repels water thanks to its high oil content. Unfortunately, teak prices have been driven up due to the wood’s popularity.

Eucalyptus wood is another hardwood that is gaining popularity but is more cost effective than teak. Outdoor restaurateurs love eucalyptus because it is rot and weather resistant, and the eucalyptus oil in the wood fibers repels most bugs.


If you’re looking for long-lasting and durable tables, you may want to consider metal. Metal tables can be made quite thin, making them lightweight and easy to move around or reconfigure. They’re also wonderfully weather resistant.

But be warned—metal tables can heat up quickly in direct sunlight, so take that into consideration before purchasing. You don’t want to roast your guests if your tables are on an uncovered patio.

Resin or Plastic

This isn’t your grandmother’s plastic table. Thanks to high-tech manufacturing advancements, resin and plastic tables can now be created in a variety of designs and styles. Some have the appearance of woven rattan; others look as if they were created from wood.

Plastic tables are usually lightweight and ridiculously easy to clean. Most can be produced in any color, ensuring you’ll have tables that compliment the current aesthetic of your space. Keep in mind, because of their lightweight nature, plastic and resin may not be the best option for windy areas.

Recycled Plastics

If reducing your carbon footprint is important to you and your business, you may opt for tables made from recycled plastics like water bottles and milk containers.

Like other plastics and resins, these tables are durable, resistant to mold and mildew, hold up in virtually any weather, and are exceptionally easy to clean. You also get the added benefit of sharing the composition of your tables with guests, who will likely appreciate your efforts to improve the planet.

The right tables for your space will depend largely upon your budget, environment, and design style. When you’re ready to build your dream outdoor area, we hope you’ll stop by our showroom or visit our online store. We offer a variety of high-quality, stylish hospitality furniture and are sure to have the perfect tables to meet your needs.

Here’s to terrific tables for your outdoor space!

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