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reasons to go galvanised for your restaurant furniture

If you’re looking to update the seating in your restaurant or pub you’ve likely realised your options are limitless. Seating and table options can run the gamut from sleek and modern to traditional and timeless.

So, which style has caught your eye? Have you gone positively mad over Parisian café chairs? Are you crazy about cane backs? Wild-eyed for wood? Before we take the alliteration too far (too late? Apologies.), we’d like to throw galvanised furniture in as a contender.


As one of Sydney’s most trusted dealers of commercial furniture, galvanised tables and chairs hold a special place in our hearts for a variety of reasons. And that’s why we’re sharing 5 reasons why you should go galvanised when purchasing furniture.

What is galvanised furniture?

Galvinisation is a process by which a zinc coating is applied over steel or iron, offering a variety of benefits. It is this process that makes galvinised furniture so appealing.

What are the benefits of using galvanised furniture?

We’re glad you asked! We love it because:

1. It’s Durable

No two ways around it—galvanised furniture can take a beating and continue to perform for years on end. We all know the level of wear and tear commercial must withstand, and galvanised metal pieces are some of the best.

Thanks to their high density, galvanised metal furniture is virtually impervious to dents and scratches. They’re also much stronger than other types of metal furniture like aluminum.

If you are furnishing an outdoor patio area, you’ll love the fact that galvanised furniture is weather-, corrosion-, and rust-resistant.

2. It’s Low Maintenance

Taking care of galvanised furniture couldn’t be easier. Spills are an everyday occurrence in the hospitality industry but, when you have galvanised furniture, the vast majority of messes can be cleaned up with nothing more than a clean rag and a little hot, soapy water.

Try to avoid using harsh chemical cleaners as they can break down the zinc coating, leaving your furniture susceptible to rust and corrosion. If you notice hard water stains on the metal, you can remove them using a solution of white vinegar and water.

And galvanised pieces benefit from the occasional application of metal polish. You can use a commercial metal polish and a lint-free rag to keep your galvanised furniture looking great for years to come.

3. It’s Lightweight and Stackable

Trust us when we say your staff will thank you for investing in galvanised furniture pieces. Not only are they easy to clean, but they’re also lightweight and easy for staff to move around. This is especially advantageous if you are someone who likes to change up the seating arrangement of your establishment regularly.

Galvanised tables and chairs are easily moved, and the chairs stack brilliantly, allowing you and your staff to make the most of available space.

4. It’s Stylish

If you think buying galvanised furniture relegates you to boring shapes and styles, think again. Galvanised pieces are available in a variety of styles and colors, ensuring you’ll be able to find the perfect pieces to use in your business.

Some are open and airy with sleek and modern lines. Others combine wood accent pieces for a more industrial aesthetic. And then there are high-backed café chairs that will look right at home in a bright and sunny breakfast bistro.

And if you’re looking to add a little color to your space, you’ll be happy to know that most galvanised furniture can be painted any shade you can dream up, allowing you to match your new furniture to your brand.

5. It’s Budget Friendly

You might be surprised to learn that galvanised furniture doesn’t have to break the bank. When working with a reputable commercial furniture dealer (ahem), you’ll find galvanised pieces are often more economically priced than their stainless steel or cast-iron counterparts.

And so…

If you’re ready to explore just how good galvanised furniture can look in your establishment, we hope you’ll visit our Smithfield showroom where we have pieces in a variety of styles and finishes for you to try. Stop by Monday through Friday and let any of our knowledgeable associates help you find pieces you’ll love.

But if you can’t get to Smithfield, you can still shop with us. Our online store makes shopping from home (or anywhere else) easy and convenient. And you can always contact us with specific questions regarding your needs.

We hope this inspires you to give galvanised furniture a try. We think you’ll agree it’s equally easy on the eyes and the wallet. This, along with its durability and ease of maintenance, makes galvanised tables and chairs the furniture of every discerning business owner’s dreams!

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