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add a little French flair to your hospitality space with Parisian barstools

Regardless of how you feel about the world’s global obsession over the polarising Netflix series Emily in Paris, there’s no denying that the show has brought Parisian style to the forefront. French flair is once again popular, and you’ll notice nods to the City of Lights everywhere—from runway shows to Architectural Digest.

As one of Sydney’s premiere purveyors of commercial-grade hospitality furniture, we’ve noticed an increased interest in French-inspired pieces, and so we decided to dedicate this blog to one of our personal favorites…the Parisian barstool.

If you’re looking to add a little European flair to your bar area, we’re sharing 4 reasons why these lovely stools may be just the thing you’re looking for.

But first…a little history.

Parisian barstools are easily recognized by their signature design. Originally, their intricately woven backs and seats were hand-crafted from rattan and attached to a cane frame. Paris is famous for its many cafes, and bistro chairs can be seen lining the streets of the city as most eateries offer outdoor seating options.

Because of the popularity of this classic design, designers began creating bistro bar stools and chairs from more modern, weather-resistant materials.

What makes Parisian barstools so perfect?

1. They’re exceptionally durable.

While the original rattan and cane versions of Parisian chairs were certainly lovely, they were not made to stand the test of time. Such natural materials have a hard time withstanding the grueling wear and tear that modern-day commercial furniture must endure.

Today’s Parisian chairs and barstools are crafted using modern advances like aluminum frames hidden within the bamboo. The woven seats and backs are most often crafted from weather-resistant rattan or synthetic material that looks very much like rattan. And the chairs or barstools are coated in a UV protectant that helps them retain their vibrant or rich colors.

2. They’re incredibly comfortable.

Don’t be surprised if your bistro bar stools become the most sought-after seats in your establishment…they’re just that comfy.

Customers love the barstool height as it makes sitting down and standing up infinitely easier. Most Parisian barstools are available either as a backless stool or a bar chair (which is, essentially a Parisian chair with extended legs) offering back and arm support.

3. They’re virtually maintenance-free.

If you’re looking for furniture that doesn’t require much upkeep, you’re going to love your Parisian barstools. General cleaning requires nothing more than a damp, soapy rag to wipe up the occasional spill or accumulation of dust.

They’re also wonderfully lightweight, something your staff will appreciate when it comes to time to clean up at the end of the night.

4. They’re quite versatile.

Though they may look as if they would be susceptible to damage when exposed to outdoor elements, the truth is that Parisian barstools are designed to withstand sun, wind, and moisture, making them perfect to use in virtually any outdoor environment.

And the fact that these stools work both indoors and outdoors allows for continuity between your indoor and outdoor seating options, creating a cohesive aesthetic in your eatery or bar.

Bar Chairs vs. Bar Stools

Customers often ask if they should opt for the backless stool or a bar chair. Truth be told, there is no one right answer—the right seating option for you will depend on your space and the look you’re trying to achieve.

If yours is a small, intimate bar, you will be able to fit more bar stools in your space than you would bar chairs. Bar stools also leave a lighter visual footprint as they do not rise above the bar itself. This can help make a smaller bar appear larger and roomier.

That being said, if you have the space for bar chairs, they are decidedly more comfortable as they provide guests with both back and arm support. And there’s just something a bit decadent about being able to lean back and relax as you sip your favorite beverage in a more generously sized bar chair.

Another perk—the more comfortable customers are, the more likely they are to stay longer and order more.

And so…

You don’t have to serve croissants or escargot to incorporate Parisian seating into your bar or pub. The right Parisian barstool or bar chair can add the perfect amount of warmth to your current space thanks to its’ wood frame, and the woven seat and back provide eye-catching texture that adds visual interest to your space.

If you’re ready to say bonjour to Parisian bar seating, we hope you’ll stop by our Smithfield showroom. We have both barstools and bar chairs in a variety of styles and colorways that we think you’re going to love. And if you can’t get to the showroom, you can always shop with us via our online store.

Here’s to adding a little French flair to your space…c’est si bon!

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