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Five Common Hospitality Furniture Mistakes to Avoid

Are you looking for hospitality venue furniture? Do some planning ahead and research so you can make the right decisions the first time.

When it comes to your hospitality venue, it’s essential to get the furniture selection right from the get-go.

Furniture determines the flow of your space and plays a huge role in customer satisfaction. If it’s too heavy, too noisy or has hazardous sharp edges, it can overshadow their dining or social experience.

At Have a Seat, we often work with venue managers who have made hasty decisions about furniture. Luckily, the problem can be fixed.

If you’re in the process of bringing together a new hospitality venue, these are some mistakes to avoid when it comes to furniture.

1. Poor space planning

This is an easy mistake to make. If you have too many or not enough dining sets, or if the ones you choose are too big or small, it can impact the success of your venue in more ways than one.

Too many tables and your venue will look cluttered. Too few and the space becomes cavernous, which can also lead to sounds echoing and making it difficult to hear. You can also end up with patrons waiting too long to be seated if you haven’t planned enough seating.

If you’re not careful about the size, your staff may find themselves constantly having to squeeze between chairs. On the flip side, too-small chairs and tables are uncomfortable and leave no room for food. Unless you are a cafe serving snacks and coffee, make sure your tables allow space for plates, cutlery, bread baskets and glassware.

2. Noisy furniture

Clunky chairs which make a horrible scraping noise can ruin a dining experience. You may be able to limit this with felt pads under the legs, but it is easier to avoid the problem in the first place.

Watch out for squeaky chairs and tables and avoid bringing outdoor furniture inside. It tends to be heavier and not suitable for the environment.

3. The comfort factor

Have you ever noticed fast-food restaurants tend to feature hard plastic seating? This doesn’t happen by accident.

A fine dining restaurant should prioritise comfortable furniture, so customers order another course, followed by a round of dessert wine, coffee and tea. A soft, private booth can be ideal for this type of venue.

4. Too many hard surfaces

Aluminium and metal furniture may look great, but it might not create the atmosphere you’d like.

Sound is a significant factor for venue patrons, and many won’t return if they aren’t able to hear each other. One of our venue furniture consultants can give you an idea of how each piece will affect the acoustics of your venue.

5. Unsuitable fabric

Spills and splashes are inevitable where food and drink are served. Suede chairs may look great, but getting red wine marks out will be no fun and leaving them stained cheapens your venue.

Fortunately, even upholstered furniture can come in easy to clean fabric. Do your research and speak to your hospitality venue supplier to ensure you are making a good choice.

The final mistake venues make is not getting help from an expert when choosing chairs, tables, booths, lounges and more. You need to consider many things, from the positioning of the chair legs to prevent tripping and the sturdiness of tables – you don’t want a wobbly surface that puts patrons off.

Need advice on hospitality venue furniture? The team at Have a Seat are happy to help you find the right pieces for your space and clientele.

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