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If you’re a restaurant owner, you’ve likely used banquette seating in dining spaces. This kind of seating includes booths that make use of the interior features such as alcoves, corners, and walls. Wall benches and corner seats are some examples of booth seating.

Booth seating isn’t only popular in restaurants but also other hospitality venues like pubs, cafes, hotels, bars, and clubs. It lends a distinctive look to spaces that have been designed for a traditional or modern aesthetic. Here are some benefits of booth seating:

1. Maximises the Features of Your Restaurant

Each restaurant is different, and the great thing about booth seating is that it is designed to the specifications of your restaurant. Every restaurant has its own special architectural features as well as character. As a restaurant owner, you can take full advantage of creating a unique and stylish space.

Besides, booth seating is a great way to utilise spaces in corners and recessed walls. In other types of seating, customers need to have sufficient space to pull the chairs out. However, when it comes to booth seating, you need not worry about this aspect. It is incredibly easy to create comfortable seating spaces for your customers.

2. Customers Prefer Booth Seating

Booth seating is considerably more comfortable and adds a certain level of privacy that customers enjoy. It feels like an exclusive space for customers to sit as a group. Besides, as they’re not a part of walkways, customers don’t have to worry about people walking past them continually.

Privacy is an essential aspect for customers, which is why you can customise your booth to provide this. For example, you can increase the height of the seats to prevent noise from other tables travelling to customers in adjacent booths. It is also an excellent way to prevent disturbing other people.

3. Bookings Made Easier

Larger bookings mean more profits for restaurant owners. In spite of the fact that they spend more, you don’t want them to disturb other customers. Wall seatings are incredibly useful as it can easily fit a large group with their own exclusive space. This ensures that other customers don’t get affected by the noise.

Youngsters and children often troop in larger groups, which is why booth seating is the perfect option for them as well. You can comfortably accommodate more children on each bench rather than have a chair for each child. Although it may not be the ideal solution for everyone, customers can adapt their seating preferences when it comes to booth seating.

4. Durable

Booth seats are highly durable, but the type of upholstery it uses has an impact on how long it lasts. Although it is up to you, fabrics like vinyl or leather are durable fabrics. They will last you several years without sustaining damage. Besides, they are easier to clean as well. Always opt for darker shades of upholstery, as white or cream coloured ones are more likely to stain.

Simply put, booth seating looks good and is an excellent choice for your modern restaurant, club, or pub. For high-quality resin, wood and marble table-topped restaurant furniture, and an array of restaurant seating options, call Have A Seat at 1300 852 793. You can also contact us using this online form.

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