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Picking Perfect Bar Stools Will Transform Your Venue

Bar stools are a practical addition to any venue. Find out how to choose the right ones and take a look at some of the latest design trends.

Practical, great-looking bar stools can be an excellent addition to your hospitality venue. They offer diners a different experience and let you make the most of your space.

Low backed (or no backed), high legged bar stools aren’t actually as old as bars themselves. In the very early days of the public house, everyone sat at low tables.

Exactly when bar stools were introduced to bars and restaurants is a matter of debate. According to some sources, bar stools gained popularity as women began to frequent bars, around the turn of the last century. A higher perch with a footrest allowed women to keep their feet away from the dirty floor. The other suggestion is that bar stools came to be used to enable more people to sit in less space. This may have been thanks to the end of prohibition in the US, when drinking became a more popular past time, or even during prohibition when drinkers crammed into small, illicit speakeasies.

Despite the ambiguity surrounding their introduction, bar stools are now found in venues around the world.

How to pick the right bar stool for your venue

With a range of bar stools available, it can be difficult to decide which ones are right for your venue. In the end, the decision comes down to a few different factors.

These are the questions to ask:

What type of bar stools will match the decor?

Your venue will already have a theme, and you should choose bar stools to match. Look for complementary colours and designs which suit your decor. For example, an upmarket venue may choose high-backed chairs with leather-look upholstery.

How much space do I have?

Smaller stools take up less room and are easier to move around. If space is at a premium within your venue, avoid high backed chairs and keep your bar stools simple. These seats can also be tucked under your bar to make more room.

Do some measuring before you buy to make sure your stools will fit where you want them to.

Is comfort a factor?

We have all experienced the discomfort of a slippery bar stool which feels impossible to stay on or the sensation of having nowhere to place our feet. However, you may intentionally choose less-than-ideal stools to keep patrons moving.

If high rotation is not a factor, give comfort priority and encourage your guests to linger over another drink. Make sure your bar stools have a footrest and back support.

Who will use your stools?

An over-18s only venue has a lot more flexibility when it comes to bar stools but if your venue welcomes children, be mindful of how they might use them. You don’t want them so heavy that they could hurt a child if knocked over. Swivel seats might also be a bad idea if children frequent your establishment; they make the stools too tempting as play equipment.

Different bar stool styles


The Oxford bar stool is one of the most on-trend looks for 2020, with a stylish vinyl seat and sturdy frame. This model is comfortable for patrons and easy to keep clean.


Match your industrial theme with the Industri Barstool in timber. Robust and square, this seat is manufactured with solid European beech wood and has a steel frame designed to stand up to commercial use.

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Add flair to your venue with a coloured bar stool upholstered in commercial-grade fabric.
The Albury comes in a range of shades and is padded with high-density foam. With a two-year warranty, it’s an excellent investment for stylish bars and clubs.

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From cafe to pub, restaurant and banquet hall, bar stools are a useful addition to your venue. Take a look at our selection, and then contact Have a Seat for hospitality furniture recommendations.

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